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After all this time, Filipino fans are still into Paramore.

Netizens and hardcore fans are campaigning for an additional Paramore Tour Four concert night in Manila after tickets were sold out in less than two hours.

Even before the tickets were made available for purchase at 10 a.m. in selected SM Ticket outlets, excited fans have already lined up (some have even camped out) to score a chance at seeing the band’s comeback after four long years of waiting. In an on-site footage posted on Manila Bulletin’s official Twitter account, hundreds can be seen forming a spiral queue at SM Manila.

Both online and on-site tickets, however, were gone almost as soon as it came.

“#PARAMORETOURFOURMNL IS OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! We guess after all this time, you’re still into @paramore,” local concert promoter MMI Live said in a statement.

Many fans quickly aired their sentiments on Twitter, requesting for additional tickets or concert date.

“I don’t even know myself at all. I thought I would be happy by now. #PARAMORETOURFOURMNL, please let it (Day 2)  happen,” one tweet said.

“Ain’t it fun to have a Day 2? So please make it happen,” another netizen appealed.

There are others, however, disappointed and angry, who accused “scalpers” for hoarding much of the tickets, stripping true fans of the chance to see Paramore live. Scalpers are people who buy tickets and resell them at higher rates.

“@yelyahwilliams Dude, half of the tickets today were bought by scalpers and ticket hoarders and selling it thrice the original price. I don’t know if you can still pick someone to sing Misery Business with you who knows the lyrics,” one netizen tweeted, tagging lead singer Hayley Williams.

“Scalpers (are) selling #PARAMORETOURFOURMNL General Admission tickets as high as P7,000. Don’t even think of buying. Otherwise, you’d only perpetuate their dismal practice. Stop this robbery,” another tweet stated.

Meanwhile, actress Alexa Ilacad drew criticism for allegedly using connections to reserve and eventually purchase a total of 18 tickets. In her now-deleted tweet, she thanked her mom and MMI Live “for making this possible” along with a video of tickets to the Paramore concert.

An authorization letter dated November 20, reportedly undersigned by Ilacad, detailing the number of VIP, Lower Bo A, Lower Box B and Upper Box with corresponding reservation codes is also circulating online.

While it is unclear if it was indeed from the teen actress, rules of SM Tickets limited ticket purchases to four per person while reservations were strictly forbidden.

Happening on February 18, 2018, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, the American band composed of Williams, guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zac Farro is set to perform new music from their latest album After Laughter.  Their anthems Misery Business, Crushcrushcrush, That’s What You Get, The Only Exception, Still Into You, Ain’t It Fun, among others, are also expected to be seen and heard live.

This will be the band’s third visit to the country following their 2010 and 2013 concerts.

Photo from @eungrc

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