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Christmas, with all its fun and cheer, can sometimes be a little lonely for those who are single. Often pressured by tita comments or simply the sight of sweet couples holding hands while walking (yep, that HHWW), the yuletide season can be quite colder than usual. For McDonald’s new anthem, however, even if you’re single bells, it’s keribels.

The fast food chain’s new holiday jingle, released on Friday November 24, features a parody of the Christmas song Jingle Bells. Instead of the line, “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,” the actors can be heard singing, “Single bells, keribels, single all the way.”

The light-hearted music video also welcomes the cold season with clips of people having an awesome Christmas alone and with friends while going on a roadtrip or a quick drive, singing karaoke, chilling at the pool, working on a painting project, playing video games, and many others, all while enjoying McDonald’s cool desserts.

Netizens quickly fell in love with the singles’ anthem because it’s relatable and easy for a fun sing-along.

“I love this song na! Karelate,” one netizen tweeted.

“[I] can’t get over the new digital video of @McDo_PH. Nanalo na naman si McDonald’s,” another tweeted.

May it be a caramel sundae, iced coffee, Oreo Matcha or Sans Rival McFlurry, there’s plenty of cool desserts to make this Christmas sweet at McDonald’s.

Watch the full Single Bells? Keribels! ad here:

Photo from McDonald’s


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