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Kiko Pangilinan ft

Most of the guys are pretty much disheartened when it comes to courting a girl who seems to be out of their league. But for some, reaching for the stars is set as their ultimate goal, thus, they see their efforts to be worthwhile in the long run. To encourage guys to go for their dream girl, we consulted someone who was successful in catching up with his “forever.”

One of the best bets we considered to explain this is no other than senatorial candidate Atty. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan who aimed not just for a star… but a “mega star”.

How was he able to court a celebrity whose name is big in the showbiz industry? The former cabinet member shared tips on courting in a short interview with MB Life prior to addressing questions for Manila Bulletin’s “MB Hot Seat” on Friday (February 19, 2016) at the Manila Bulletin Integrated Newsroom.

Pangilinan started off by saying that he wanted to go to the moon and be an astronaut, but little did he know that he will be capturing a star instead.

To “capture your own mega star”, here are 10 tips:

1. It has to start with you

You have to know your intentions. It has to be pure and sincere because when the heart is in the right place, everything else will fall into place.

Check: Do I really want this? Do I believe in this?

2. No half-heartedness, no shortcuts, no half-baked allowed

As he puts it: “Kapag ikaw ay nag-pursue ng isang gusto mong mahalin sa buhay, dapat ay forever ang intensyon mo.” After all, we can’t have a renewable contract for marriage every five years!

3. Know that there are things destined for you.

There are things meant for you and things not meant for you. It’s a crazy dumpee-dumper world we live in! Pangilinan told us that we must accept the things that are not meant to be, no matter how much we’ve been hurt.

4. Trust in God’s plan

Proven and tested by the 52-year-old politician himself. He said: “Ipinasa-Diyos ko na itong aking more than 20 years na relasyon… 22 years this coming April

5. Always have the last say: “YES, DEAR”

They have a simple arrangement: She does what she wants; he does what he wants to do. Simple.

6. Spoil her with simple gifts

Roses and chocolates? Yes. Pangilinan even joked that he gave Mega Star Sharon Cuneta flowers and food, instead of chocolates. Sometimes, not even bulaklak… but chicharong bulaklak!

Pwede ding roses and porkchops, Lechon Bocaue.” (We’d have to agree. Yes to food! He did it right.)

7. Be consistent in everything

8. Be humorous

Lessen her stress. Jokes and laughter can be disarming. As he explains: “Kailangan madaming tawanan. Kailangan palabiro. Ibig sabihin ng disarming, nahuhulog ang loob niya sa iyo dahil pinatatawa mo siya.”

9. Be malambing

Girls are very emotional so it’s a must to show affection to your dear one.

10. Court her parents and family

Di pwedeng hindi kasama ang magulang sa panliligaw,” he stated. For him, courting the parents show sincerity and that your intentions are serious. After all, no parent would like their daughter to be with someone who is unsure of their future. Plus, you’ll have an instant campaign manager in your hopes of securing the vote of the girl you love.

Of course, life should not just be about love, love, love. We have to keep certain things in mind like concentrating on our studies and contributing to the welfare of the nation. Here’s Pangilinan’s short message for the millennials:

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