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Nowadays, parents are more adventurous, making and documenting exciting experiences with their children to share and to remember. They travel with their children in tow to exciting places, some to the classic destinations — the beach, a picnic, a short road trip to Tagaytay or to the zoo or museum, or Disneyland — or to the more out-of-the-way places such as a remote island, a historic town on top of mountains, even to a safari in South Africa. And wherever they go, they always have the Mom Bag in tow.

But this article is not for moms. Moms know what’s inside their seemingly bottomless, bigger-on-the-inside bags whenever they go out with their little kids. This is for the Cool Titas and Titos who the aforementioned kids are always happy to see and play with whenever they are around. What can you give them to further endear yourself to your tiny demographic and still keep the moms happy?  

Sure, there are the basic necessities such as a Clean Kit with extra clothes, diapers, hand sanitizers, and tissue paper. Moms don’t need our help for those, although there’s no doubt that they could never have too much supply of wet wipes in stock, cool Titos and Titas are here for the fun stuff, the items in the mom bag that would make the journey easier and more fun for everybody.

Insulated Water Bottles

Sure, they don’t sound like fun, but they are necessities and they could still be fun if they are the right kind. Choose bottles that are just the right size and in each of the child’s favorite color so everyone knows which bottle is theirs, encouraging individuality and less fighting over who gets to drink first. Insulated and spill proof bottles are the best to keep the water cold and to keep the water from spilling all over the place.

A bright colored jacket

Jackets are always handy to have in the mom bag. Jackets that you can fold into small pouch bags would be especially appreciated since they’re less bulky. The weather could change in an instant or the air conditioner would be too cold. Bright colored jackets are not only stylish and fun, but they also help moms spot their kid easily in case they wander off in a crowd.

 A Small Backpack

For kids who are starting to become more independent, a small backpack is a great way to share the load from the Mom Bag. It gives the kid a better sense of responsibility and even a greater sense of adventure as the backpack means they can carry their own supply of snacks and even an extra set of clothes.

A Drawing Board

The Boogie Board Drawing Board is a light and nifty LCD eWriter that lets kids draw to their hearts’ content without having to worry about running out paper or scattering pencils and crayons everywhere. It’s like a tablet, but more affordable and more like a reusable notepad. It’s high-tech, but analog, plus you get to save paper and save the planet. No mess, no stress.


A must-have in the days of smartphones and tablets. This ensures that the mom’s phone and tablet don’t run out of batteries before they get to their destination, especially when the kids insist on borrowing mom’s smartphone for games and videos.


Kid-friendly Headphones

Speaking of tablets, most parents already have one to keep their children occupied. Most kids know their way around an iPad long before they learn to write and can find their videos on Youtube easily. Giving them their own set of headphones can help keep the sanity of the adults around a child engrossed in a long playing version of “Baby Shark.” JBL has headphones designed especially for kids to keep the volume on a healthy level, a padded headband and ear cushions just the right size for kids. Each colorful set of headphones even comes with a set of stickers for the child to make it truly their own. Oh, and they come in wired or bluetooth and is available in different colors.

JBL Jr 300 and JBL Jr 300BT


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