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Filipino Paramore fans’ hearts were broken twice over after additional tickets for the band’s concert early next year were gone just a few minutes after it was made available for purchase online and on-site at 11 a.m. via SM Tickets. While some accepted that attending the “Tour Four” concert might not be a possibility anymore (cue hugot lines), others expressed disappointment over how limited the added seats were considering the number of fans still hoping to watch their favorite band.

This is reminiscent of the first ticket selling held last November 23, where tickets to the 20,000-seater Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City sold out in record time of 48 minutes.

Drama soon ensued as “scalpers” were accused of hoarding much of the tickets and reselling them at higher rates. Rumor had it that a General Admission tickets originally priced at P1,325 were resold to as high as P7,000. Young actress Alexa Ilacad also drew criticism for allegedly using connections to reserve and purchase 18 tickets.

Being the hilarious people that Filipinos are, however, some chose to laugh the matter off. The innate gift of humor was evident among fans who will miss seeing the American band live in concert after almost 4 years of waiting. Here are some of the funny reactions we’ve seen on Twitter:

Everything happened so fast, all we could do was cry, smudged eyeliner included.

We should probably sing our blues away with a good, old karaoke night with friends and channel our inner Whitney Houston.

Desperate times call for desperate measures but more than wisdom, we probably need clarity of sight.

Not bad na rin, ‘di ba besh?

Look what you made her do. Never get on her bad side, y’all.

Thank you for the 280 characters, Twitter! The message became loud and clear for MMI Live and Paramore.

To whom it may concern, our soft hearts are crying just like this little girl.

Virginia is only 14,000 kilometers away. We’re totally coming with you.

Here’s a pre-Hispanic history lesson for y’all.


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