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Everytime the first day of December comes, Youtube becomes a melting pot of everything red, green, snowy and cheerful, all because the yearly tradition of welcoming the yuletide season through vlogmas has finally begun.

Ever since California-based Youtube personality Ingrid Nilsen started the tradition of vlogging or video blogging everyday of December until Christmas day in 2011, it has become a full-fledged tradition and phenomenon for other creators of the platform.

While Nilsen does not participate in vlogmas anymore, the tradition – much like Youtube, in general – has improved in terms production value, content and even animated, 15-second introductions. The spirit of Christmas, however, remains the inspiration for the vlogging countdown. “I think it really brings out a sense of nostalgia, especially as you get older and you start forming your own traditions, and being able to see other people live out their lives [you get] inspiration from them,” Nilsen shared in a Refinery29 interview.

If you are just as excited to celebrate the holidays, here are vlogmas series to follow:

1. Anna Cay

Following her epic glam-gore looks during Halloween, Anna Cay is opting for a white Christmas. On her very first vlogmas video for this year, Anna can be seen arriving, exploring and navigating her way through the cold and wintry South Korea, right in its capital, Seoul.  Anna’s series last year only lasted 12 days but the beauty and lifestyle content creator said she will try to complete all the vlogmas videos this year.

2. The JK Vlogs (Kris Lumagui)

Despite being pregnant, local beauty content creator Kris Lumagui is hustling this Christmas season. From cooking healthy meals to shopping for the holidays Kris, her husband Justin and their little, 4-month-old peanut (baby) have it all recorded. The awesome part about Kris’ vlogmas is that every video is a chance to win beauty giveaways. That’s entertainment and beauty goodies in one.

3. Joanday (Joan Kim)

Joan Kim, a Seoul-based Korean-American lifestyle and beauty vlogger, has just finished her daily vlogging endeavor for 365 days last November and now she’s picked up the camera again for vlogmas. Her vlogging channel called Joanday (“good day” when translated in English) documents her love and work for K-beauty as well as the coolest food places to check out in Korea, and vlogmas won’t be any different. On Joan’s first video for December, she filmed a ride or die K-beauty of 2017 video with her friend and Seoul-based, Filipino Youtube personality, Edward Avila.

4. Sunnydahye

Vlogmas has become a tradition in the making for Sunny and her best friend, fellow Youtube personality, Kim Dao. For last year’s holiday videos, the two traveled to Japan to shop and eat. This 2017, however, will be Korea’s turn to be explored. Sunny’s first vlogmas showed the two trying a cool vending machine-inspired cafe with Christmas tree cheesecake, Santa donuts and latte. With the addition of her playful dog named Gamja, the yuletide is looking jolly for the Seoul-based beauty vlogger.

5. MoreZoella (Zoella Sugg)

Much like the viewers’ anticipation of her animated vlogmas introduction, Zoella and her squad is also keeping the tradition of spending the yuletide season at the Scotland capital, Edinburgh. The English lifestyle and fashion vlogger wore a Christmas sweater, went ice skating, drank turmeric latte and explored a Christmas market for fun and games.

It’s only 16 days before the most beautiful time of the year. Which vlogmas will you follow for the Christmas countdown? We bet you’ll watch all.


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