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Believe it or not, I’m not into dating apps. Really. Well, I’ve tried downloading Tinder, Blued, and Grindr (yes, I’m a gay guy) when I was in college, but just a night of using those apps really bores me. I did not find it interesting chatting with complete strangers. I was also thinking that most of the people there cannot be trusted that much, as they can hide their real identities by not using their real names and photos.

Everything changed when I discovered a new way of dating guys or should I say, meeting guys to hook-up — the “Alter Twitter-verse.”

Before, I used to have my Twitter account only for sharing thoughts and doing small talk with friends. It’s also an avenue for me to express my admiration to celebrities and get the latest happenings. But when I got to find out about this alter-thingy, Twitter just got more exciting…and naughty.

What is the alter Twitter-verse? It is a virtual gathering of people who have an alter ego or a side of their personality that they cannot show in the “real” world.

At first, I was just observing how this Grindr-on-Twitter works. And just like in Grindr, you just send someone a message, exchange names, locations, ages, and sexual photos and have your “negotiation” (date and place of meet-up).

I noticed that many of the alters are on this for different reasons — for sex, for a partner, or just for friends. There are some that we can consider “famous” by the number of followers, retweets and likes they get. I also found out that it isn’t only for gays and bisexuals. Yes! Lesbians and even, straight people are present too.

After a few days of stalking, I got more curious about how “fun” this extraordinary community on Twitter could be. That’s when I started to have an alter account. It was merely for watching porn and sex videos at first, but that all changed when I got to exchange messages with more and more accounts.

But here’s the thing, I don’t tell them my real name, age, and location. I know it’s unfair especially when they are really telling the truth about themselves, but my goal is not to make friends but to have sex. My targets are the older corporate guys (preferably, daddies!).

My alter Twitter account kept me from being bored during the summer break after graduation (I was looking for my first job at that time). I was opening it even more often than my public account.

Then an alter convinced me to say “yes” to have sex with him. He was a call center agent in Mandaluyong. I was really nervous when I met him since I was not used to meeting strangers from social media. But it went well. We met at his place and we even had a little conversation first before proceeding to what we met up for. I almost wanted to back out, but he was very caring. He knew how to handle a first-timer like me. We cuddled, kissed, and then we had sex. We talked to get to know each other more after, but I didn’t tell him about the real me. Then we just said our goodbyes and I left his place. We still text each other and exchange messages on our alter accounts, but we didn’t talk about having sex again. There were times when he tried to ask me to go to his place, but I no longer wanted to.

My most unforgettable encounter was with a 26-year-old guy who worked as a sales staff  of a clothing store in Quezon City. Aside from his looks, I liked his personality and I was also impressed by his wit and humor — and of course, by his “performance” (that led me to have sex with him not just once). We became real friends and we even go out to have dinner or coffee once in a while. Even though I wasn’t showing him the real “me,” he was the only one (of all the alters I met) I became friends with.

As I met more alters, I got to have more “sexcapades” as well — different guys, different places. I don’t want to tell how many alters I’ve had sex with, but I can assure you that you’d still be able to count it with 10 fingers.

One day, I was reminded about HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). I’m aware of it and I know about it. Most of my sexual encounters were protected — but not all. I got worried about my status and I asked myself, “what if I’m an HIV positive already from unprotected sex?” That’s why I decided to get tested. The results were negative. Though the results were favorable, that was the turning point when I stopped having sex with different men and became extra careful.

I had so much fun with this alter Twitter-verse. I enjoyed meeting new people, but I realized that it will always be better to be safe. Now, I’m currently working in a marketing company.  I’m busy most of the time, so I don’t get to check my alter account often. Whenever I do get the time to visit the alter Twitter-verse, it would only just for porn, and maybe chatting with other alters, but no more for meet-ups and hook-ups.


Illustrations by Madel Crudo


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