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Filipino netizens are expressing their support for motorcycle ride-sharing service Angkas and its drivers in their dialogue with Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) officials on Tuesday, December 12.

The meeting comes almost a month after officials ordered the company’s closure for operating without permits. The order eventually impaired the livelihood of 15,000 Angkas drivers. While the LTFRB earlier said the Angkas case is “considered closed”, the company did not give up and sought dialogue with the authorities.

The drivers’ request to continue operations, however, was not granted. Current legislation prohibits two-wheel vehicles from being used for public transportation for supposedly being unsafe. LTFRB chairman Martin Delgra said that it is up to the Congress whether to legalize Angkas or not. The agency, recognizing the company’s willingness to cooperate with authorities, said the issues discussed during the dialogue will be forwarded to the House of Representatives, along with a proposal by the Angkas app management which will be submitted within the week.

Meanwhile, the company asked for support on social media from no other than their commuter clients, deeming their voices relevant in highlighting the benefits of motor taxis in the traffic-laden streets of Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. Just like when the company’s services were called off, netizens did not fail the country’s motorcycle Uber and Grab.

Here are some tweets of support for Angkas from netizens:

Angkas has proven itself safe ever since it started operations.

Cancelledt na, besh. #WeWantUberGrab days pa lang.

Angkas is basically a life and career-saver.

We second the motion, Bayaw Jun Sabayton.

Whatever time of the year, everyone deserves getting to their destination while efficiently avoiding terrible traffic situations.

We’re praying for a better mass transport system, too.

It’s the one traffic solution that authorities refuse to utilize. Sorry but not sorry.

We all need somebody to lean on like Angkas.

We gotchu, Angkas!

In an official statement shortly after the dialogue, Angkas thanked the LTFRB for the opportunity to have their concerns heard. They also recognized their online and offline supporters and reiterated that they are “one with the government in addressing today’s transportation problems” through improved safety measures and affordability, all while providing better income opportunities for their bikers.

“Susuka pero hindi susuko. #WeNeedAngkas,” the company captioned the statement.

Angkas said it is hopeful that they will be able to propose a solution acceptable to the government, their platform and their commuters.


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