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Christmas gifts with a personal touch are always much-appreciated by friends who receive it. When it comes down to it, as cliche as it sounds, it is truly the thought that counts in gifting. The effort to go beyond just buying presents and wrapping them up in yuletide fashion shows thoughtfulness and creativity. A popular gift choice for friends, chocolates often have to be melted, molded and wrapped all over again just to be personalized.

But what if you could create your own packaging design to suit your squad’s individual personality? This is exactly what Toblerone did for this year’s limited edition Christmas sleeves. While sporting original designs inspired by different forms of Christmas experiences from local and international artist collaborators, the Swiss chocolate brand also left a blank side on its iconic triangular sleeves to allow gift-givers to #BeMoreImaginative.

Illustrator Juan Camilo Rodriguez, known for his bold, colorful and out-of the-ordinary characters, drew his design based on his holiday childhood memories.

Filipino illustrator Soleil Ignacio’s design for the (flavor) was inspired by independent women “who make time to celebrate Christmas with friends and family despite their crazy, busy schedules.

Graphic designer June Digan, on the other hand, turned to Toblerone’s rich Swiss heritage, much like Christmas as the one occasion where everyone goes back to their roots to spread the holiday cheer.

Calligrapher Alexis Ventura and contemporary artist Anina Rubio both went for feminine and festive designs.

Eager to design your own Toblerone blank pack? Here’s how MB Life did it:

1. Kikay Friend

This design is for your kikay friend who considers her beauty products indispensable. She loves her LANY songs so bad, too, her heart won’t hurt at all.

2. Smart Friend

This is for that one friend in the squad that’s a certified achiever, well-read, well-spoken and knows practically anything about everything. He probably knows about Toblerone’s history, too.

3. Techy Friend

For the friend who knows the latest in social media and gets excited over new Apple releases, this pack design can tug at the heartstrings. He or she is always up to date and never gets left behind in trends and innovations.

All Toblerone flavors – milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate with crunchy almonds – are available in 100 grams for P100, 200 grams for P202 and 360 grams for P400. Visit Toblerone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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