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The end of 2017 is almost upon us, and the next year is so close that you can already taste it. The long weekends are already booked, the next several Marvel movies all calendared in, your 2018 is all set… but is this all you want the next year to be?

Of course, everybody wants more for their new year. And here are the journals that could help you make 2018 the best year of your life, so far.

2018 Belle De Jour Power Planner

Made for the multi-faceted and multi-tasking modern woman who needs to balance gazillion things every day, the 2018 Belle De Jour Power Planner is a versatile time-management tool that can work for different kinds of women from highly-structured to free-space users, mainly text-oriented or highly visual. The journal has several featured pages that are practical — a period tracker, a bills, and cash flow tracker; that help you track your progress toward your goal like the 2018 Goals page, a year-ender workbook page; and pages that inspire you to dream bigger such as the “Live Your Story” page, and a dream board.

The Belle De Jour Power Planner comes in three variants: BDJ Smythe (Php 598), BDJ Leather Discbound (Php 720), and the BDJ Leather (Php 680). Available in major bookstores nationwide, or order from

Everything is Possible 2018

How do you make your goals and dreams for 2018 a reality? Through careful planning techniques, habit-forming prompts, the Everything is Possible 2018 planner can guide you in visualizing your future, bring your priorities to the surface, and produce significant results through the course of the year.

Everything is Possible 2018 (Php 598) is available in major bookstores nationwide, or order from

Focus Journal 2018

When was the last time you have ever focused on one thing? In an era of multi-tasking, the Focus Journal encourages you to eliminate distractions in order for you to zero in on what is important. To further enhance mindfulness, the journal has a Monthly Check-up page and a Year-end Workbook.

Focus Journal 2018 (Php 498) is available in major bookstores nationwide, or order from

Navi 2018 Journal

Take a break from the digital world and go out to explore the beauty of the world around you. You can hear your thoughts clearly and express yourself more honestly out there, in the wide-open space. Navi 2018 has plenty of space where you can write down your goals, plans, and ideas. Its 12 monthly dividers serve as reminders to never limit yourself to what is available in sight. You are encouraged to step outside your comfort zone and go on a great adventure.

Navi 2018 Journal (Php 598) is available in major bookstores nationwide, or order from

Sunday Night Journal

The Sunday Night Journal created by life coach Aurora M. Suarez is the low-maintenance friend who makes little demands but empowers you to have a positive and productive year. This 52-week journal and planner was conceptualized to be a weekly Sunday ritual that would help you look forward to Monday and the rest of the week ahead. The weekly prompts such as What do I love about myself?” and “If I didn’t have to worry about money, what would I be doing right now?” help you be more self-aware so you can make mindful and aligned choices for the week ahead, and for the year. The planner pages are there so you can review the week that was so you can “feel gratitude for the grace in your life, set meaningful priorities and identify the positive experiences YOU want.”

You can order The Sunday Night Journal (Php 599) from its website here.

Tita Witty’s “The Sana Payat Na Lang Ako, Payat pa Rin, Payat Na Lang Ulit” & Other Wishes Planner 2018

Let Tita Witty’s hilarious wit and relatable observations of daily life be your guide to achieving your weight goals for 2018. You know that Tita Witty’s getting real when there is a whole spread in the planner just for excuses that you can use not to go to the gym (Mapa ng Excuses) or just laugh out loud from all the #hugots interspersed with actual planner pages that help you keep track of your appointments, deadlines, and agendas.

Tita Witty’s “The Sana Payat Na Lang Ako, Payat pa Rin, Payat Na Lang Ulit” & Other Wishes Planner 2018 (Php 520) is available at Fully Booked, Linya-Linya, Quirks, Invitation House, and Witty Will Save the World.

365 Wonders Daily Creative Planner

The magical women behind “Woman, Create” — a Philippine-based arts platform that aims to empower and engage women through art, creative living and discourse on relevant women-related issues — has come up with an extraordinary planner to help women have a more intentional creative living. This limited journal (only 500 copies will be available) comes in two covers. The portion of this planner’s proceeds will be given in support of #WipeEveryTear, an organization helping to save and transform the lives of girls caught in sex-trafficking.

365 Wonders Daily Creative Planner (Php 1,195) is available at FullyBooked Fort, Rockwell, and Greenhills; CommonRoom Alabang Town Center, Katipunan and CommonRoomandCoPH ATC.

Where to Next Planner 2018: #ONASSIGNMENT

The people behind Where to Next want to inspire other people to travel with passion and purpose. With their fourth journal, they integrated a cause to their work. With every 2018 Where to Next planner sold, a tree will be planted in the ancestral domain of the Aetas in Zambales. This advocacy was made possible through a partnership with the Circle Hostel and the Yangil tribe.

Where to Next Planner 2018: #ONASSIGNMENT (Php 680) available at the Where to Next website.

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