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Since Uber was launched here in Manila on February 2014, many Filipinos have relied on the app to go to school, to beat their daily work deadline, or just to get home safely and conveniently.

To end the year with a bang, Uber has a special treat for us. Now, you can create your own personalized music video based on your rider statistics starring your own Uber archetype such as: The Explorer, The Early Bird, The Midday Wanderer, The Nightrider, The Road Tripper, The Lux Rider, and The All Star Hero.

While you’re excited to know what type of Uber rider you are, we list down some of your favorite celebrities and social media influencers’ archetypes and their unforgettable Uber experience.

Kryz Uy

Uber archetype: The All-Star Hero

#YearWIthUber ambassadors Slater Young and Kryz Uy

Being a blogger and social media influencer, Kryz travels almost everyday to attend events, meetings, and to meet new people. But since she’s currently residing in Cebu, Kryz uses Uber 7 times a week whenever she’s here in Manila.

“I don’t have a driver in Manila but it feels like I do because Uber always has my back,” she said.

Favorite Uber experience: “When my Uber driver and I sang 90s alternative music together ‘cause he knew I wasn’t feeling my best!”

Slater Young

Uber archetype: The Early Bird

Like his girlfriend Kryz, Slater is also an avid Uber rider. He books a ride three to four times a day whenever he’s here in Manila. Slater also uses the ride-hailing app when he’s travelling around the world like in Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

Favorite Uber experience:Usually it’s the general experience of using Uber because it’s so seamless to use and the user experience of riding Uber. Me and Kryz, we rode an Uber in SF before and our driver was so nice and he was a “hippie” and he sold us mittens cause we looked like we were freezing haha! Also every country we use Uber in, it’s a different culture and it’s so amazing to experience that.”

Saab Magalona

Uber archetype: The Midday Wanderer

Saab Magalona and Cheats perform at the #YearWithUber event

The vocalist of the band Cheats and soon-to-be mom of twins is always on the go especially if she has gigs with her band or when she’s running errands. Uber is her BFF especially when it’s hard to find parking where she is going and whenever she wants to get some work done even while on the road.

Favorite Uber experience: “I got in an Uber and the driver was playing my dad’s album. It was so traffic that we finished the whole album. When I got to my destination, I complimented him on his music taste and he realized I was the daughter of one of his favorites. He was so happy and we took a picture together.”

Marco Gumabao

Uber archetype: The Nightrider

#YearWithUber ambassadors Marco Gumabao and Patrick Sugui

Young actor Marco Gumabao also wants to avoid the daily Metro Manila traffic like everyone else does. In order to go to his desired destination on time, Marco takes an Uber around four to five times (or even more) in a week.

Favorite Uber experience: “I think every Uber ride during rush hour is my favorite, because I can just sit there and relax, without thinking about the hassle of driving.”

Martine Cajucom

Uber archetype: The Lux Rider

#YearWIthUber ambassador Martine Cajucom

As the Creative Director of Sunnies Studios, It Girl Martine Cajucom juggles her time between business and travelling around the world. Martine uses Uber Blacks 15 to 20 times in a week to finish her work efficiently and in style

Favorite Uber experience: “Meeting an Afghani refugee driver at 5AM on the way to the airport in Melbourne.”

Kara Gozali

Uber archetype: The All Star Hero

#YearWIthUber ambassadors Kara Gozali and Mark Agas

Kara Gozali loves riding an Uber because of the convenience and she enjoys listening to drivers tell their unique stories. She uses the app three to four times a week, especially when travelling to school.

Favorite Uber experience: “I think it has to be getting into a car that satisfies my OC-ness and caters to all my germophobe needs. Haha! He had a full on hygiene kit complete with tissue, wet wipes, an already emptied trash can, sanitizer and alcohol! Aside from that, he had three choices of candies for me which was a huge plus. I get motion sickness so that def helped me during my ride. I give that one a hands down 5-star rating!”

Mark Agas

Uber archetype: The Midday Wanderer

As a Midday Wanderer, most of Mark’s Uber trips are taken during the afternoon when he constantly roams the city. For him, Uber is his best bet when he already knows he’s heading to a packed place.

“The drivers are so accommodating and they always have the most interesting stories to tell. It provides ultimate convenience to all its riders. Uber is internationally acclaimed for a reason. Couldn’t love it more,” Mark added.

Favorite Uber experience: “That has to be when I got in an Uber Black with a driver who was driving just for leisure. He initially took the job to send all his children to school and successfully did so. I enjoyed the conversation because we talked about his son who is now taking Medicine. We were able to relate to all the good and the bad and shared some laughs. He continues to drive his Uber because he mentioned how he loves meeting new people and how his everyday drives equate to an exchange of stories. He was such a cool guy. I wish to meet him again soon!

Check out to find out more about your #YearWithUber and which archetype you are.


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