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The Internet has introduced a lot of beauty and makeup trends this year. From the drunk blush hype up to the no-makeup makeup look, 2017 has offered various amount of fun and bizarre trends. Some of it will definitely stay (hello, faux freckles!), while others have to say goodbye.

And because 2018 is coming, allow us to list down some of the most viral beauty trends in 2017.

1. Feather brows

In an Instagram photo posted last April, Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen accidentally invented this brow trend called feather brows. Although it turns out that the makeup artist was just joking when she first posted about the trend, netizens took it seriously and even famous beauty vloggers tried to recreate the look.

2. Lollipop lips

First seen at the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi London Fashion Week show, the lollipop lip was designed using MAC cosmetics’ Ruby Woo lip pencil and the Lipglass gloss. You can achieve this strange lip trend by intentionally smudging the lipstick to the outer edges of your lips.


3. Squiggle/wavy brows

Because on-fleek eyebrows are too mainstream, beauty blogger Promise Tamang sported a squiggly brow look on Instagram. She told Popsugar that she used washable glue and Make Up Forever’s full-coverage concealer to flatten and hide her brows. After that, she started drawing her squiggly eyebrows.

4. Faux Freckles

Years ago, many women tried to cover up their freckles. But now, they’ve become one of the biggest beauty trends of the year. LA based company Faux Freckles even created adhesive sheets which are applied just like a temporary tattoo.

5. Egg as makeup sponge

Beauty blender might be really expensive, that’s why Nadi a.k.a. Pop Luxe used an egg as a makeup sponge. In a YouTube video, the beauty vlogger used a peeled hardboiled egg to blend his foundation, apply eyeshadow, and contour his face. Surprisingly, the hack actually worked!

6. Neon eyeliner

While most of us tried our best to achieve a perfect winged eye liner, neon eyeliner is here to add a vibrant color to your look. Makeup artists used a bright white or silver liner, followed with a neon eye shadow. Buff out the edges to create a glowing effect.

7. Furry lips

Creating this lip art is like wearing a furry sweater on your lips. Makeup artist Greta Agazzi used Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick as a base and some loose velvet typically used for nail art.

8. Food as makeup

Known for her fun and unusual cooking videos, Chinese YouTube star Ms. Yeah challenged herself to create a makeup look using mostly food and office supplies. The video garnered 3.9M views and the results were surprisingly impressive!

9. Braided eyebrows

Like the squiggly and feather brows, braided brows took over the internet by storm. Though the photo posted by Eros (@erosmua) was photoshopped, a makeup artist tried to mimic the look using brow pomade.

Wavy Brows? Normal Brows? HOW ABOUT BRAIDED BROWS!? 🙌 . Keep in mind this is just for fun! . Idea credit goes to @erosmua I wasn't able to figure out the photoshop so why not recreate it!? Lol ♥️ Used: @anastasiabeverlyhills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate @lagirlcosmetics Pro-Conceal Concealer in Natural @bebellacosmetics Bent Liner Brush 134 @elfcosmetics Spoolie Brush Song – Martin Garrix – There for you (remix) #braidedbrows #wavybrows #normalbrows #braidbrows #videotutorial #abhjunkies #anastasiabeverlyhills #anastaciabrows #hypnaughtypower #hypnaughtymakweup #wakeupandmakeup #carvedbrows #browroutine #makegirlz #make4glam #wakeup2slay #discovervideos #shimycatsmua #maryhadalittleglam #xmakeuptutsx #makeuptutorialsx0x #fakeupfix #fakeupfix #makeupfanatic1 #makeupdolls #undiscovered_muas #discovervideos #makeupartistworldwide #hudabeauty #peachyqueenblog

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10. Nose hair extensions

This may sound ridiculous, but yes, this is a real trend. Beauty bloggers and makeup junkies have tried to insert false eyelashes into their nostrils! This is truly one of the weirdest beauty trends we’ve ever seen.

Featured image screen grabbed from, @preenbythornthonbegazzi, and @gret_chen_chen


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