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The holidays are surely way behind you by now. You’re back to beating deadlines, juggling work and school duties, surviving stressful commutes, and working hard to make it look like you have everything under control even when it’s not always the case. Even so, you can still feel confident and look presentable through the humid and at times, suffocating, city through your trustee beauty items that fit right in your bag.

Looking for products perfect for when you’re on-the-go? Here are some beauty products you can count on:

1. Blotting Sheets

Happy Skin’s Skip The Filter Skin Perfecting Super Absorbent Charcoal Blotting Sheets; P149

All the heat and pollution can take a toll on your well-blended foundation. It can cake up and destroy that “no make up” make up look you woke up so early for. If you think, however, that piling on another layer of foundation would help, it would most likely not. Apart from wasting product, the mixture of oil, sweat, dirt and make up can clog your pores and cause acne. Instead, opt for blotting sheets to quickly remove oil from your face without re-doing your whole make-up. The large sheets stored in a thin, portable package makes it easy to fit into your purse whenever and wherever you go.

2. Translucent Powder

Happy Skin’s Matte Of Your Dreams Oil Control Mattifying Powder In Translucent; P1,299

Fixing your makeup and making it look like you just put it on shouldn’t stop with blotting sheets. You can maintain that shine-free finish by buffing on some powder. Translucent powder, in particular, works best with oil control and mattifying the skin because it is weightless, undetectable, and perfect for any skin tone (so you wouldn’t have to worry about shade selection). It blends onto the skin, giving a smooth, non-cakey finish. Most of them also come with puffs already so you won’t need to squeeze in more brushes to your make-up kit.

3. Compact, Multi-Purpose Palette

Happy Skin’s Eye Can Do It! 3-Way Eyes, Brows, Nose Line Kit in Deep Taupe and Soft Brown; P699

When work or school gets too busy, all you really need is a palette that can do more than just one trick for you. Creating daily eye shadow looks, contouring, and filling in the brows can be especially tricky and time-consuming. A small palette with brown tones can do the job for you. Deep brown can be used for the brows, eye line and facial contouring. The lighter brown can be used as an eye shadow base and for contouring the nose. Consider the formula, too, as it should be long-wearing and should contain argan oil that’s friendly to the delicate skin in the eye area.

4. Lip & Cheek Tint

Happy Skin X Sanrio Characters Kiss-Proof Lip & Cheek Tint in Cherry; P399

Skip the lipstick tubes and the blush palattes. One small tube of pigment can do both lips and cheeks for you. Lip and Cheek tints are known not just for its intense, yet natural color payoff but also for its comfortable staying power on the lips, making it an absolute favorite among busy girls. You can eat and drink repeatedly without worrying about re-applying your lip color. You can also use tints on the cheeks for that natural, flushed look. Make sure to top your lip tint with a lip balm, as most water tints can be drying on the lips. Better yet, choose a lip tint that has shea butter and glycerin to keep your lips healthy-looking.

5. Face Mist

Happy Skin’s Beauty Sakura Bloom Hydrating Skin Booster; P799

Having dull and weak skin due to pollution and stress can be just as stressful as work and school responsibilities. To help skin recovery, you can count on a bottle of hydrating face mist. While you can use this with your current skincare routine, you can also spray some on your face multiple times through the day to achieve fresh and supple skin. Look for a face mist that features a hydrate-and-glow function, with key ingredients such as cherry blossom extract and galactomyces that can give you brightening, increased resilience, and moisture.

Photos from Happy Skin Cosmetics


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