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It has been more than 16 years since the Eraserheads disbanded, but their music shows no sign of fading, at least for Resorts World Manila.

The entertainment and leisure destination’s Newport Performing Arts Theater is bringing to stage an Eraserheads-inspired musical called “Ang Huling El Bimbo.” Named after one of the bands biggest hit, the Dexter Santos-directed show will be staged on August with the hunt for actors and actresses for supporting and ensemble roles already underway.

Upon the announcement of “Resorts World Manila’s next big musical” (following the success of theatrical productions such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Bituing Walang Ningning, of course), loyal fans patiently waiting for anything Eraserheads-related (like *coughs* another reunion concert) felt waves of excitement and nostalgia, reminiscing their days back in the 1990s which the band practically dominated.

While the cast is yet to be completed and the show not yet stage-ready, here’s a wish list of the songs we’d like to hear at the Eraserheads musical:

1. Ligaya (Ultraelectromagneticpop!, 1993)

“Gagawin ko ang lahat pati ang thesis mo, huwag mo lang ipagkait ang hinahanap ko.” Ely’s promise to complete a research paper remains the sweetest ever. Imagine a guy pouring all his energy for one daunting academic pursuit all for a girl’s affection. Just the thought of getting the requirement over with and the Eraserheads singing in the background gives us butterflies in the stomach.

2. Ang Huling El Bimbo (Cutterpillow, 1995)

“Sa panaginip na lang pala kita maisasayaw,” is just a heartbreaking realization and ending for someone who loved wholly and so purely. For everyone else who did, Ang Huling El Bimbo can last forever.

3. Huwag Mo Nang Itanong (Cutterpillow, 1995)

No questions needed. Huwag Mo Nang Itanong is a classic that should be included in the Eraserheads-inspired musical.

4. With A Smile (Circus, 1994)

With A Smile is that song that comforts the listener when things that seem out of control frustrates us. Ely singing, “In a world where everybody hates a happy ending story, it’s a wonder love can make the world go round,” however, is like us having coffee at two in the morning in the balcony thinking about the unanswered questions of life. I guess we’ll get by with a smile for now.

5. Alapaap (Circus, 1994)

Would it be acceptable to say that we love the intro more than any line in this song? While it is controversial for allegedly describing the feeling of being high on drugs (keep your hands off of it, folks), the melody itself is such a trip that it makes us feel like we’re flying above the clouds.

6. Toyang (Ultraelectromagneticpop!, 1993)

If there’s any silly and playful Eraserheads song suited for a theatrical stage, it’s got to be Toyang. It’s creative wordplay and idiosyncratic combinations referencing to a classic English love song, several Filipino folk songs, and Ilocano poetry, creating a whole new piece declaring love for a bright-eyed Filipina with the same name is perfect in adding playfulness to the production.

7. Kailan (Circus, 1994)

We’re pretty sure Eraserheads was the first to board the hugot train with Kailan and the line, “Kailan ako lalaya sa anino ng pag-iisa?” We can already see a male lead acting dramatically under a solo spotlight.

8. Huwag Kang Matakot (Natin99, 1999)

Huwag Kang Matakot is like Celine Dion’s Power of Love minus the high notes and a surplus of guitar and drums. The line, “Ikaw ang hari at diyos ng iyong mundo. Matakot sila sa iyo,” is also a striking statement about leading our lives unrestricted by expectations.

9. Sembreak (Circus, 1994)

Eraserheads remembers us ‘pag umuulan, ‘pag giniginaw, or ‘pag kakain na. We memorized and have been jamming to Sembreak since forever, though, so seeing it in theater would be a real treat to the OPM-lover in all of us.

Photo from Manila Bulletin


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