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Dear Boyfriend,

I know you were just with me a few hours ago and that I could have told you these things personally, but wasn’t able to. I always have too many things I want to say to you when you are not with me, but I eventually forget them all whenever you are around.

You have always known that “I love you.” I know I have said these three words for over a million times. But what I want to tell you now are the things that I actually mean every time I say/text those three words:

1. It means that every morning upon waking up, I pray and thank God for your life and for having a chance to share a part of it with me.

2. It means that every time I pray, you are always included in my prayers.

3. It means that every time I remind myself to count my blessings, I count you in.

4. It means that I keep all the things you have given me including the Christmas card you gave me a month after we met and the little snowman decor that came with it, all birthday cards, ribbons and boxes and gift wrappers—absolutely everything!

5. It means that aside from my family, you are a VIP contact in my phonebook, with an assigned ringtone so I can easily know that you are the one calling me.

6. It means that you have the most number of text messages in my inbox since I love re-reading your messages.

7. It means that you can be so annoying at times, but I will always find a way to understand. It takes so much patience to do that, seriously. So don’t do it often.

8. It means that I understand that even if you don’t usually call me beautiful, that you actually find me pretty…since you are still with me.

9. It means that I will be here for you whenever you are sick, lonely, alone, rejected, depressed, and tired. I will always be here to remind you that God will always be with you. I am just here to pray with you for peace and joy…and massage your back whenever you ask me.

10. It means that I would let you have bit more of the leche flan we usually order for dessert.

11. It means that I understand that you have to have time for yourself and time with your friends too. That’s why I don’t call and text you until you are through.

12. It means that I know that you are just busy with other concerns when it takes you hours (with emphasis on the “s”) to reply to my messages.

13. It means that I will support you with your dreams and the things that you really want to do.

14. It also means that I will also try to improve myself, pursue my dreams and passions, change for the better—for my own good. I will grow with you—and not for you.

This could be an endless list because merely staring at you for a minute reveals more reasons for me to love you even more.

I might sound too clingy to say all these things everyday and so I hide it in those three short words. And I hope every time you say “I love you, too,”you mean the same things as well.

I know that our world does not revolve around each other. I am glad that we both have enough space to grow.

May God continuously bless our relationship and enrich us more with His love so we can shower each other the same kind of love He has taught us—unconditional.

Your girlfriend



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