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Today marks the 16th year anniversary premiere of A Walk to Remember, a film directed by Adam Shankman, based on Nicholas Sparks’ 1999 novel of the same name.

On January 25 (January 26 PH time), Mandy Moore and Shane West posted photos on Twitter to reminisce about their first movie team-up.

For a quick refresher, the movie is about Landon Carter played by Shane West, a rebellious teenager who falls in love with the minister’s daughter, Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), a quiet girl who always carried a Bible with her schoolbooks.

In honor of the movie’s 16th year anniversary premiere, here are 8 of the most unforgettable scenes that will make you watch the movie again. Prepare your hankies!

1. Jamie’s “Only Hope”

Mandy Moore totally nailed the cover of the song “Only Hope” during a school play scene. This is also the scene where Landon heard Jamie’s angelic voice for the first time and he realized that he’s in love with her. Aww!

2. The kiss that turned out to be a real one

The school play scene is also where Landon and Jamie had their first kiss!

3. When Jamie said “Better not to fall in love with me”

This scene might not be remarkable the first time you watch the film. But when you watch it for the second time and you already know the reason why Jamie said this, you’ll end up crying a bucket of tears.

4. When Landon’s ex-girlfriend pranks Jamie 

Landon’s ex-girlfriend Belinda is really jealous with Jamie. That’s why she decided to photoshop a photo of Jamie onto a model’s body with the caption “Virgin Mary.”

5. Jamie gets her first “tattoo” 

Yup, it’s a temporary tattoo. But the fact that Landon helps Jamie cross off an item on her bucket list is the sweetest!

6. “Being in two places at once”

He takes her to the state line, where she can have one foot in Virginia and the other in their home state of North Carolina. So sweeeet!

7. Their wedding

Landon and Jamie got married in the church where Jamie’s mom grew up and her parents married. This is the number-one item on Jamie’s bucket list.

8. When Jamie’s dad tells Landon that their love was her miracle 

We agree. Landon is truly Jamie’s miracle. *sobs*


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