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Summer is coming and college students are already searching for an internship program that will hone their skills and make their vacation memorable.

If you’re interested in applying to an on-the-job training that doesn’t revolved around getting coffee, answering phone, and doing other clerical tasks for 200 hours, then a stint at Uber may just be for you.

The Uber Summer Internship Program 2018 aims to give students the opportunity to dive headfirst into projects, playing key roles, and even directing them on their own.

Summer 2015 interns

Uber also gives its interns exclusive access to its global network, allowing them to talk to experts around the world through various visitor talks and roundtables. They can also have a chance to share the projects they worked on with other cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Josh Ong, intern from 2016 to 2017 and currently employed at Uber, shared that being an intern at Uber is one of his memorable experiences.

“My internship at Uber is one of my memorable experiences during my college years. I learned so many things that helps me to become a better employee now that I’m a full-time employer here at Uber,” Josh said.

Summer 2016 interns

Summer 2016 intern Jared Sarmiento also gave aspiring interns advice on how to become a successful Uber intern.

“Do your research. Research on the company and its challenges. When you started the internship, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Even the stupid ones. Asking questions will get you prepared for the future projects,” Jared said.

Summer 2017 interns

If you’re interested to become one of Uber interns this year, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Submit your application here. Prepare your resumes and please make sure you limit your resume to just 1-2 pages. Send your application here.
  2. Take the analytics exam. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be emailed a link to take an analytics test. You will have to accomplish the test within 24 hours from the time you receive the email.
  3. Send in your Video Interview. Upon passing the analytics test, you will be asked to complete a video interview by answering three questions. Limit your answers to just 1-1.5 minutes per question. Record yourself and send your video.
  4. Visit the Uber office for the face-to-face interview. The Uber team will be sending interview schedules to choose from which you should confirm within 24 hours.

Deadline of application is on February 5. For more information on the Uber Summer Internship Program, visit


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