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February is already here! And just in time for this lovely month, Krispy Kreme has released heart-shaped doughnuts that will make you feel the love this Valentine’s Day.

The home of the world-famous doughnuts and coffee, Krispy Kreme rolled out four limited edition Valentine’s creations: Chocolate Strawberry, Red Velvet, White Chocolate Mascarpone, and Strawberry Peach.

If you love strawberry-flavored sweets, Chocolate Strawberry and Strawberry Peach are perfect for you. The Chocolate Strawberry doughnut is filled with Strawberry Kreme, dipped in strawberry glaze and drizzled in Belcolade ganache. While the Strawberry Peach has a Peach Kreme filling topped with ruby strawberry glazed and comes with a Peppero almond stick.

Want something cheesy for Valentine’s? Try their Red Velvet doughnut with creamy New York cheese filling or the White Chocolate Mascarpone, a white chocolate-dipped doughnut with mild and luscious mascarpone cheese.

Krispy Kreme’s delivery chatbots can also help you create a sweet surprise for your family and friends. Just search for “Krispy Kreme PH” on Viber’s Public Accounts or on Facebook Messenger’s Discovery Page and get mouthwatering doughnuts delivered on your doorstep with just a few taps away!

Drop by your nearest Krispy Kreme store and grab these delicious sweet treats for P50/piece and P450/dozen.

Visit Krispy Kreme’s Facebook page for more details about their Valentine’s treats.

Photo by Monica Pantaleon


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