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Not all first kisses are created equal. There are first kisses that just seem perfect even if they are short and sweet. Some, if not most, of them are awkward and even sloppy. One thing’s for sure, it’s hard to forget your first kiss.

We asked our readers for the stories of their first kiss. We couldn’t keep ourselves from grinning as we read all of them, even feeling a bit kilig from the romantic, and mostly funny, stories. You can read all the entries here. Here are the four standouts from the replies to our post on Facebook (with minor edits for grammar and clarity).

Edmark Santos 

First kiss ko? Hahahaha! Apat na taon na ang lumipas mula sa aking first kiss.

Nangyari ito noong Mahal na Araw habang nagbabakasyon kami sa Subic. Isa sa mga napasyalan namin doon ang Ocean Adventure. Maraming magagandang isda ang nasa loob ng mga aquarium. May lapu-lapu, alimango, pating, pugita, at iba pa. Pagkatapos ng aming pamamasyal sa lugar na ito, nalaman namin na oras na pala para sa Sea Lion Show. Napakaganda ng palabas na ito. Naglaro ang mga sea lion ng bola, nagpatugtog ng trumpeta at kumaway sa mga madla ng taong nanonood. Sa pahuli, naghanap sila ng volunteer mula sa mga nanonood. Ako ang napili nila at umakyat ako sa entablado. Laking gulat ko na lang noong humalik sa akin ang sea lion!

(My first kiss? Hahahaha! I had my first kiss four years ago. It has during Holy Week and we were on vacation at Subic. One of the places we went to while we were there was Ocean Adventure. There were a lot of beautiful fishes inside the aquarium — grouper, crabs, sharks, squids, and many more. After the aquarium, we found out that it was time for the Sea Lion Show. That was a fun show! The sea lions played with balls, played the trumpet, and waved to the audience. At the end of the show, they asked for a volunteer from the audience and they picked me. I went up the stage, where, to my shock, the sea lion kissed me! )

Farrah Villademosa Valdez 

Static is real. Hindi ko makakalimutan ang first kiss ko. Eto yung time we’re going home riding PUB. When you’re so inlove, parang recharge ang mga ions ng mga katawan nyo, we’ve given parting lips kisses and nagulat kami na, literally, there’s spark and tumunog pa ito. Parehas lang kaming natawa and nagtinginan dahil sa naudlot naming first kiss. Hehe. Ang super kilig talaga.

(Static is real. I will never forget my first kiss. It happened while riding a bus on our way home. When you’re in love, I guess the ions in your body are all charged up. When we kissed each other on the lips, we were shocked by a literal spark between us. It made us laugh because the static interrupted our first kiss! It was super romantic!)

K-Anne Ronquillo My first kiss was way back in 2nd-year high school, that was in1992. It was during our school’s foundation day. One of my boy classmates and I were brought to the marriage booth. He was my crush back then, so I was always teased to him although I knew that he didn’t have a crush on me. Haha! It was a one-way street, but it’s okay, I am proud that he was my first kiss!

However, fate is really wonderful… In 2006, I saw him — my high school classmate-slash-crush again, and this time the feeling was mutual! Now, we have three kids and I always remind him of that day in 1992 when I got my first kiss from him! 

Meldy Natividad 

Ayieeee!!! Seeing this post made me reminisce (on my first kiss) and it brought back all that KILIIIGGG!!!

My first kiss happened when I was 12 years old. It was our school Christmas Party and I wasn’t able to attend it since I just came home from the hospital.

But to my surprise… My friends and classmates brought the school party to our HOME!

Everybody enjoyed the party. It was truly one of the most special days of my life, especially because all of them brought me gifts.

But what made that day more special was my crush sat beside me. We chatted, he asked if I was already okay… OMG! I couldn’t answer him with the right answers as I felt the butterflies flying in my stomach! I could feel his breath… I could feel his skin! I felt like I was inside a teledrama that I loved to watch. Time was ticking, but I felt he didn’t mind it as he enjoyed telling me all the things that happened at school while I was gone.

And after the party?!?!

The first kiss happened…

As each of my classmates waved their goodbyes, hugged me, and said that I needed to get well soon…He was the last one who approached me…

And he whispered, ” I didn’t have money to buy you gift…”

I said, “It’s okay…”

But he answered, “I still insist on giving you a Christmas gift…” Then he slowly put his lips against mine! It’s just a light brush of lips from him to me — it lasted for only two seconds… But G! It stopped my world! I felt like I suddenly became a mute because I really wasn’t able to utter a word…

Then he waved goodbye again with his sweet smile and eyes looking at me…

And then there I was, sitting there, still confused about what happened, still feeling I was in another world…

Until I heard my younger sister teasing me.

“Uy, si ate…. First Kiss…. Kilig to the max!!!!”

Aaahhh!!! I forgot she was beside me all that time! I felt so awkward knowing I had a witness in the memory of my first kiss!


How about you? Do you still remember the story of your first kiss?

Header image by Madel Crudo


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