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The big day has come for all couples. Long-prepared and carefully-planned activities for a memorable day out in the mall, park, a restaurant, or a cafe have unfolded. Undying and loyal love as sweet as chocolates and as beautiful as flowers has been professed by now, too.

February 14, however, is not just the day to commemorate St. Valentine or a day to show love and appreciation to your bae. It is also filled with other events worth celebrating. Some are just simply too interesting for us not to know about. Here are other reasons to celebrate February 14, apart from Valentine’s Day:

1. Ash Wednesday

Photo from Manila Bulletin

Don’t be too surprised to see people with a black cross in their forehead today on your way to work or school. It’s not the newest (and weird) trend in the beauty world and it’s also not the “new cool.” Because this year, Ash Wednesday falls on February 14. It marks the beginning of the 40-day penitential season called Lent, which leads to the remembrance of Christ’s death on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter. If you haven’t already, head inside a nearby church, have yourself marked on the forehead, and say a little prayer.

2. Singles Awareness Day

The exclusivity of Valentine’s Day for romantic couples can be very awkward to deal with for those not involved in a romantic relationship. There is a singles-friendly alternative to the globally-celebrated holiday, though, and it is called the “Singles Awareness Day,” or S.A.D. It is a humorous holiday (though most people see it as an anti-Valentine’s day) where singlehood can be celebrated, instead of something to be depressed over. It looks like Ateneo Blue Eagles’ UAAP hero Isaac Go thinks the same way, too.

3. Happy Birthday, Kris Aquino, Heart Evangelista, and Senator Juan Ponce Enrile!

Our favorite celebrities are also celebrating their birthday today. Tita Krissy (’cause we’d truly love to be her pamangkin) turned 47 today. In an Instagram post, she thanked all her fans and supporters for all the birthday greetings. “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it,” she also wrote.

Actress and artist Heart Evangelista, meanwhile, celebrated her special day with close friends over a big meal. She also had — yes, you guessed right — a heart-shaped chocolate cake to mark her 33rd birthday.

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is also a year older today, staying strong and healthy at age 94. To celebrate his birthday, netizens greeted him with jokes and funny antics on Twitter.

TV Personality Lourd de Veyra tweeted a joke he saw on Facebook, saying that Enrile was “pinaglihi” on first love because apparently, it never dies.

Another netizen also listed down some inventions or historical moments that the Senator was born ahead of, including Winnie the Pooh, The Great Gatsby, and even sliced bread.

4. International Book Giving Day

Photo from Book Giving Day

Today is also the time to share your love for books as it is “International Book Giving Day.” It is a 100% volunteer-initiative aims to put books into the hands of as many children as possible in the United States, United Kingdom, and in other  countries such as the Philippines. Individuals are encouraged to (1) give a book to someone close to them, (2) leave a book in a waiting room for children to read, or (3) donate a gently used book to a local library, hospital, shelter, or an organization that distributes used books to children in need. Here are some books that will make you and the children feel the love.

5. Quirky Alone Day

Photo from Quirky Alone

As opposed to S.A.D, the Quirky Alone Day is a celebration of romance, freedom, and individuality. It also junks the fake love often portrayed by the media and instead celebrates all kinds of love in friendships, single-hood. The holiday was created by Sasha Cagen, who also authored the book, “Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics.” “I created International Quirkyalone Day back in 2003 as an alternative to Valentine’s Day. Not because I hate Valentine’s Day per se, but because Valentine’s Day has always had this sickly-sweet commercial feeling that leaves people feeling left out and disappointed, whether they are single or coupled. Quirkyalone Day leaves no one out. You can participate if you are single or partnered,” Cagen shared in an article for the Huffington Post. We’re simply just quirky alone, after all.


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