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Whether the sun is showing up or not, applying sunscreen is an absolute must. This is what Biore has been advocating since they arrived in the country a little over a year ago, encouraging Filipinos to make sun protection a daily habit and not just a beach getaway necessity.

The NEW Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum

This year, Japan’s top skincare and cult-favorite brand is adding yet another future favorite in their family of sunscreens: the new UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum. To officially launch the new skincare line, Biore invited us for a full day of fun and play at outdoor adventure hub Camp N in Nuvali for a sun and sweat test.

Here are five reasons why we loved (and why you should, too) Biore’s body care serum:

1. It gets the job done.

When you spend moolah on skincare products, all we truly wish (and cross our fingers for) is for them to work. A sunscreen is meant to protect your skin from the harsh sun and Biore’s body care serum did exactly while we tried conquering the Mountain Bike Trails and Aerial Walk.

Camp N’s Aerial Walk

It has a Double UV Block for maximum protection of the skin: SPF 50+ to block UVB rays which causes dark spots, freckles, and sunburn and PA+++ to fight UVA rays which age the skin.

2. It goes the extra mile.

If you think your sunscreen is doing enough for you, Biore’s body care serum will make you think twice. Apart from SPF, it also has an Anti-Pollution Shield. It forms a layer of shielding upon application that combat pollutants such as dust and dirt particles. We tested the new sunscreen under sunny and cloudy skies while trying out the roller coaster zip line at Camp N. Buckets of sweat and a few drops of rain later, the sunscreen still felt comfortable (just like how we first applied it), proving its water-proof and sweat-proof claim.

3. It stays true to the brand.

Biore is known for its lightweight and non-sticky sunscreens (Biore’s UV Perfect Face Milk is our favorite!) and the new body care serum is no different. Because the product is in serum form (the thinnest “lotion” we could imagine), it didn’t take long for the skin to absorb the product. We were able to shoot arrows right away at the mini-archery range. While we failed to shoot our arrows properly, the sunscreen hit the bull’s eye for us.

4. There are options for different skincare needs.

The new body care serum comes in two variants: Intensive White and Extra Moist. If you want to even out your skin tone, the Intensive White body care serum is for you. It contains Vitamin B3 and Yuzu Orange extract rich in Vitamin C. If your skin is needing a little more moisture (like we did the day of the sun and sweat test), the Extra Moist variant has Vitamin B3 and soluble collagen, which promotes skin strength and elasticity. Both variants are also formulated with mineral water from Japan.

5. It’s easily available. 

(From left) Event host Romina, Dr. Amelyn Ishihara-Lim, and Biore Celebrity Ambassador Arra San Agustin

Skincare expert Amelyn Ishihara-Lim, MD was present at the sun and sweat test and she said sunscreen use is not particularly common among Southeast Asians. Apart from the sticky and greasy feeling, limited sunscreen options leave Filipinos with no choice but to ditch this extra skincare step entirely. The UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum along with other Biore products, however, are easily available at Watsons, Landmark, PCX, Metro Department Store and online at Beauty MNL. No need to have your relative living overseas to buy it for you.

The Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum in Extra Moist and in Intensive White is available in 150 ml tubes for P399.


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