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Aside from different empowering women-centered events and summer beach trips, March also marks Fire Prevention month.

March is observed as Fire Prevention Month by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A, issued on November 17, 1966, by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos. It is one of the hottest months and where fire incidents seem to become rampant.

With that, here are some fire-safety tips that everyone should keep in mind:

1. Avoid leaving phone chargers plugged in.

Some people tend to charge their smartphones and other gadgets overnight. This may cause faulty electrical connections when battery overheats especially when using generic chargers. Before going to sleep, make sure that you unplug any electrical appliance you’re not using. Also, avoid using extension cords as permanent outlets.

2. Turn off your stove/gas tank properly.

According to Bureau of Fire and Protection (BFP), open flames from unattended stoves are one of the top causes of fire in the country. That’s why after using your stove, make sure to turn it off properly. Check your LPG tank for any leaks and keep your stoves clean all the time.

3. Check if your house is getting proper air ventilation.

Having a proper air ventilation is a must. All gas appliances need to have enough supply of air to help the complete combustion of gas.

4. Dispose flammable waste properly.

Flammable waste is also one of the common root causes of fire. Keep flammable liquids and other combustible items away from children and away from the stove when cooking. Avoid pouring flammable liquids down your drains and use proper and closed storage containers.

5. Be aware of the location of fire exits to avoid panicking.

Have an exit strategy. Know different ways out of your home and even in public establishments. BFP also encourages everyone to put smoke alarms and fire extinguishers inside their homes.


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