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Feeling like you can’t be the best version of yourself can be frustrating and disheartening for women. Time and again, however, we’ve managed to pull ourselves up and slay this thing called life. If you’ve been feeling stranded in a place of self-doubt and a lack of self-esteem, well guess what? March is our month! It’s time to let out the girl power we knew we always had in us.

A grinding playlist is all it takes to channel that independent, confident, and empowered persona living in you. Don’t know which girl power songs to listen to? We gotchu, girl! Here are some songs to help you feel your best self ever:

1. “Confident” by Demi Lovato

It’s time to get the chains out
Is your tongue tied up?
‘Cause this is my ground
And I’m dangerous
And you can get out
But it’s all about me tonight

Demi Lovato’s 2015 hit was all about (as the title says) confidence and possessing command in any situation. The former Disney Channel star’s powerful vocals can be the ultimate perk-me-up song when you wake up in the morning not feeling your best self. After all, what’s wrong with being confident?

2. “Run The World” by Beyonce

Boy I know you love it
How we’re smart enough to make these millions
Strong enough to bear the children, children
Then get back to business

While others are busy underestimating the supposed “weaker” gender, you and all the other girls in the world go run the world the way Beyonce slays the charts (and the music charts). True enough, women are smart enough to make millions, strong enough to bear children, and get back to (slaying) business.

3. “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys

Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can try but you’ll never forget her name

Women never fail to make a statement in whatever they choose to pursue, just like how Alicia Keys described in her 2012 hit. You (read: a girl on fire) do not just meet expectations, you exceed them. You’re capable of delivering more than what is asked of you and that’s how you burn everyone’s eyes — we mean, underestimation of girls.

4. “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera

‘Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter

Despite the world’s attempts to bring you down, you will ultimately stand stronger in the end. This is something you can all learn from Christina Aguilera’s 2003 single, “Fighter.” Her positive acceptance (that is, she became a “fighter”) of the painful things done to her is quite admirable, too. We’re sure you’d thank Christina for making you feel stronger, wiser, and inspiring you to work harder with this song.

5. “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys

Still when I’m a mess
I still put on a vest
With an “S” on my chest
Oh yes
I’m a superwoman

We obviously love Alicia Keys, not just for “Girl on Fire” but also for another girl power anthem, “Superwoman.” The song is an homage to the many challenging roles a woman play and to you who, despite the hardships, manage to “put on a vest with an ‘S’ on my chest.”

6. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

Go on now, go, walk out the door
Just turn around now
‘Cause you’re not welcome anymore
Weren’t you the one who tried to break me with goodbye
Do you think I’d crumble
Did you think I’d lay down and die?

It’s painful to have the person you love break your heart but you know what? You’ll survive. It’s just a matter of knowing when to finally say, “Enough is enough,” because when you do, you’re able to move on to better things in life.

7. “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman


Look out ’cause here I come
And I’m marching on to the beat I drum
I’m not scared to be seen
I make no apologies, this is me

Self-love and self-acceptance are often difficult to do, especially for women. Keala Seattle (whose vocals slayed, by the way) and the rest of The Greatest Showman cast wants you to know that you should make no apologies for who you are. There’s also only one “you” who can march to the beat you drum.

8. “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone
What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter
Footsteps even lighter
Doesn’t mean I’m over ’cause you’re gone

It’s no secret that Kelly Clarkson’s voice is powerful (listen to her belt high notes and you’ll understand right away). When you combine that with an equally powerful song, you’re bound to have a listening experience that’s both uplifting and empowering. You know how the saying goes, too, right? “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Life’s challenges didn’t, so here you are, going about your daily life happy and inspired.

9. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper

Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest of the world
I want to be the one to walk in the sun
Oh girls they wanna have fun
Oh girls just wanna have

We never count out Cindy Lauper in any girl power-related list because she thrived being a feminist in a music industry that loves to degrade women. Lauper rewrote this song, in particular, (and obviously had fun) into an anthem for young women. The original lyrics, which was written by another songwriter, was said to be misogynistic. Way to go, Cindy!

10. “So What!” By P!nk

So, so what? I’m still a rock star
I got my rock moves and I don’t need you
And guess what I’m having more fun
And now that we’re done
I’m gonna show you tonight
I’m alright, I’m just fine

If P!nk being suspended 34 stories off the ground while singing at the side of a hotel is not girl power, then her single “So What!” is. You are a cool gal who doesn’t need company to be truly happy. You’ve got rock moves, too, so it’s totally fine even if that special someone left you.

Featured Image by Madel Crudo

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