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Everyday can be a big day for anyone who needs to overcome challenges at school, work, or in life. Doing that and more can be draining both physically and mentally. Even if you had managed to get through this day, the next thing you know, it’s another day.  And it’s another grueling cycle of rushing through the morning traffic and beating deadlines all over again.

To conquer challenging days,  a dose of multivitamins can go a long way. Berocca, a vitamin and mineral supplement, contains B-Vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, that helps give increased physical energy and mental sharpness. It comes in an effervescent tablet — just drop one into a glass of water and let it fizz. (Remember Alka-Seltzer?)

Here are some daily “big day” situations you can conquer with your trustee multivitamins:

1. Braving EDSA traffic on rush hour

EDSA is known around the world as the historic site of the People Power Revolution. To many commuters and drivers at present, however, it’s a major thoroughfare that is extremely difficult to get through (read: survive). It’ll take loads of patience and network data for some mobile Netflix viewing to distract you. Hours of sitting down, worrying about whether you’ll make it to your school or office on time, can drain all the energy meant for the day’s workload. You might want to pop some Berocca in a bottled water and drink it on the road to stay sane – we mean, energized.

2. Renewing your passport or applying for VISA 

Have you been trying to renew your passport or apply for that VISA to no avail? We feel you! Even though additional slots have been opened and government transactions were mandated finished in three days, there are simply too many people wanting to have their applications processed. You’d have to devote a whole day of waiting in long lines to make that dream vacation possible with friends or family. Keep your physical energy up with a dose of multivitamins and minerals.

3. Taking the Finals exam

It’s the last leg of tests of the semester, and it’s your last chance at improving your marks. Sleepless nights and the overwhelming amount of information you need to memorize can backfire on you on exam day (and later on, your test results). Make sure to prep yourself for a whole day of mental battle. Rest when you need to and make sure you’re getting enough nutrients to maintain mental sharpness (because we all know you shouldn’t forget that one math formula). While you’re at it, remind yourself of the freedom of summer break that awaits you at the other side of finals!

4. Meeting with the big bosses or working overtime

Preparing for that big meeting or client presentation with your boss means working overtime. Worse, you mighg have to sleep in the office to make sure every single detail is presentation-ready because you would never settle for okay. It has to be the best. Your physical and mental health should be at top shape for the big day, too, so make sure to eat a filling breakfast. Don’t forget to follow up with a glass of Berocca and ace that presentation you’ve worked so hard to put together.

5. Going on adventures

Whether you’re researching for your itinerary plans, braving long flights, day-long road trips or spending the day at your travel destination, going on an out-of-town or out-of-the-country adventure can make you feel dead-tired. Trips only last for a few days, too, so you and your squad would surely try to squeeze in whatever activity into your schedule. Playing hard can be just as exhausting as working hard. We know your excitement for that snorkeling session or hike up the mountain is enough to energize you, but carry a Berocca singles pack just in case your body needs a boost.

Berocca is a vitamin and mineral supplement. It is now available in sachets for P22.50 in all leading drugstores nationwide.

Illustrations by Madel Crudo


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