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Last Wednesday, Rosantonette Mendoza posted about how she got herself back in fighting form just in time to join the Binibining Pilipinas pageant.

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Posted by Rosantonette Mendoza on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

In the lengthy, but heart-honest post, Rosantonette revealed that she had always loved competing in beauty pageants since she was a teenager, but in 2013, cruel comments about her weight made her give up on becoming a beauty queen. She had a fulfilling career though, even starting her own business, but it was also the time when she gave in to her love for food, especially desserts until it wasn’t healthy anymore. “It was December 2016 when it hit me — I was almost 90kgs. I knew I lost it. I got tired easily, my sugar level was high, had a hard time breathing — lahat lahat na. I was very unhealthy.”

Then in 2016, when Miss Universe was held here in the Philippines, Rosantonette saw how Miss Canada was “confidently beautiful in her body” and Rosantonette realized that it was not over for her yet. She had always wanted to join Binibining Pilipinas, so in order to reach her goal, she set about getting into shape the old-fashioned way: a healthy diet and exercise. “And now,” she writes, “just a few more days until the coronation night, I still can’t believe that I’m writing this as your Binibini 18. I’m still in awe. I’ve learned that it’s good to have dreams. But it’s better to have goals. Work hard and do whatever you can to achieve them!”

Isn’t she awesome? Because of this, we wanted to get to know Rosantonette a bit more so we asked her five questions about herself and what to say when we’re told that dreaded comment that just seem won’t go away.

What do you think is the quality that sets beauty queens apart?

Aside from having passion and genuine desire to inspire and help other people, a beauty queen would also have to be patient. You need to be patient to undergo rigid trainings; patient enough to sleep late and wake up early the next day because of hectic pageant activities.

What is even more trying is wearing heels the whole day and keeping up a smile for everybody. In other words “tiis-ganda.”

What drives you to put yourself out there to compete?

Being focused and determined to achieve my goals are my guiding principles.

I was overweight before and it was the greatest challenge for me to become pageant-fit and fortunately, I became one of the official candidates in Bb. Pilipinas this year. I consider that my personal crowning glory and this makes me more competitive.

Who was/is your main supporter throughout your journey to competing at Bb. Pilipinas?

My family and close friends have been the source of my inspiration and energy in this magnificent journey of Bb. Pilipinas. They are my critics, advisors, and consultants rolled into one.

Their awesome belief in me makes me more confident that I will come out a better woman with or without a crown.

What advice can you give someone who is trying to lose weight?

Persistence and perseverance. Those two things are my guiding light in my quest to achieve a fit body. A lot has to be sacrificed, but in the end, it will definitely be a satisfying result physically and emotionally.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

To sustain my momentum in maintaining my weight and my newfound discipline. Even my outlook on life has drastically changed since I made that goal to be healthy and fit.

Being in the midst of so many beautiful and talented ladies is a big challenge but looking at the bright side of it, my insecurities are now just a thing of the past because they became my friends and we support each other in so many ways.

What do you think we should tell the person who greets us with this comment “Uy tumaba ka!”?

“Maliit na bagay, try mo rin” to be said with so much pun and hidden sarcasm!

Seriously, I try my best not to be affected by such comments because deep inside, I know what I have achieved. A big smile would suffice as an answer.




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