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It all began, like most stories do, with a Facebook post.

This really cute Starbucks barista touched my hand as he gave me my receipt and I justOHMYGODS do that again

Posted by Yuki L. Mallows on Saturday, March 17, 2018

And another post of a friend (but her Facebook is on “friends-only” mode) said, “Ahem. One of the baristas here is cute AF. I aint complaining making tambay here at Starbucks near Bayanihan Center.”

As a certified caffeine-dependent, I love and respect all baristas. Those hardworking professionals who operate those big complicated coffee machines behind the counter of all cafes to produce cups of glorious coffee deserve all the good things in this God-given earth.

But a “cute AF” barista? Well now, that just takes everything to another level. We just had to investigate!

So, yesterday, we just happened to find ourselves at the Starbucks along Pioneer st., across the Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong. And we found the cute barista(!!!) and even got to chat with him during a quiet lull between waves of customers.

So, here he is. Meet Nico:


I used my stuffed kitty (Mini P) travel companion as an excuse to take his photo (Because I was shy. At first!). He was really nice about it.


Full name: Dominic Felino Lipana De Luna

He offered to make me a drink. See those tattoos on his *ahem* arms? They’re signatures of his parents. The one on the upper arm is his dad’s, and the little one on the wrist is his mom’s.

So, what are you doing in Starbucks?

I’ve been here for five years now, and last year I was promoted to Shift Supervisor.

What do you like best about your job?

Siguro the best thing about Starbucks is the customers, the people. 

I like serving them, simply handing them coffee, and having a conversation with them at the counter.

If you weren’t working here, what would you be doing?

Probably be a basketball player. Way back in high school and college, I was in the varsity. Nag tryout kami sa higher leagues, hindi pasok ang height ko. *laughs*

Where did you study?


What’s your favorite drink?

My personal favorite is a double shot soy latte.

I notice you have tattoos on your arms… 

Yeah, I have three. This is my first (inner left forearm), it means “God is greater through our ups and downs.” I saw it online and it’s catchy for me. The second and third (on his right arm), sabay ko silang nakuha, the signature of my dad and the signature of my mom.

Last, because people would ask, do you have a girlfriend?

Yes. We’ve been together for three years. May tumagal!

He made me his favorite drink on the house. Sweet!


Ok, that was fun! If ever you come across a good looking professional anywhere, let us know where we can find him/her and we can get to know them for you!


One of the knacks Stef has acquired in all her years as a magazine editor, and now as the content editor for MB Life, is how to strike up a conversation with strangers — and write about it afterward, if she has to. She can especially talk about food and animals all day.

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