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Ask a Filipino what excites him/her and the answer is either food or basketball. What happens then if you combine the two? An explosion of thrill and joy!

Taft Food by the Court allows you to play basketball and eat to your heart’s content all in one place. It’s a perfect place for bonding with friends, family, schoolmates, or co-workers. It’ll be incredibly fun to play intense games and make the losing team treat everyone to dinner.

There are two full courts and two half courts available for pretty much any sports Filipinos deeply love:  basketball, volleyball, badminton, you name it. Rent rates are at P1,000 per hour without lights, P1,200 per hour with lights, and P150 per hour for the use of the shot clock. You can also ask for a timekeeper and balls for when your squad forgets to bring one. You can start playing at the court as early as 6:00 a.m. and as late as 12:00 a.m.

When you finally feel tired and exhausted from four quarters of basketball action, it’s time to cool down and eat. You can step right outside the court and choose from 10 food stalls offering various food selections.

You can try international flavors from a bunch of stalls that serve them. C&T Korean Food Hub’s samgyupsal, Korean beef stew, and gochujang chicken will surely remind you of all the Korean dramas (and oppas) you obsessed over.

Dondon’s authentic meals like tamagyaki, tonkatsudon, and the sukiyaki bento set takes us straight to Japan. They have the popular Sapporo beer, too!

Meanwhile, flavors from Mexico and South America meet at By The Border. Their street tacos, ajo y quezo gringas, and pollo street pizza fill both hearts and tummies.

You can also get a taste of Persian flavors with Tipsy Cow’s beef shawarma that’s both classic and delicious.

If milk tea is your cup of tea, Malukko Milk Tea & Frappe’s caramel macchiato milk tea and black forest frappe is for you.

Homegrown favorites can also be found in Taft Food by the Court. Filipino Kuxina Fusion boasts their crispy kare-kare, tapaleng and flavored tadyang.

If you’re all about that isaw life (we all are, TBH), Honky’s Grill can whiff up a lot for you. Their mango-sago (like your grandma’s tapioca) is a definite must-try.

You might just fall in love with deep-fried pork belly that is bagnet, especially when you get to try it in Bastino Bagnet’s dinuguan sauce, in sinigang soup, or with gata.

We almost heard the waves of the ocean when we had a bite of grilled squid, salmon belly, and shrimps at Seafood Grill by Raine Cravebites.

Taft Food by the Court is located at 2703 Taft Avenue corner F. Sanchez Street, Pasay. To inquire or reserve a court, call or text 09176247773. For updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 


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