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We just can’t help but gush about a must-have portable keyboard we just recently got out hands on.

Given that millennials (and other generations alike) just love easy-to-carry gadgets and gizmos that make life easier, LG presents a portable keyboard that can be connected to any device with Bluetooth pairing.

Although the Rolly keyboard doesn’t literally roll, it unfolds into a flat keyboard and folds around a magnetic rectangular spine.

keyboard ft

Holding it feels like we’re about to burst into our digital Expecto Patronum as it resembles a rectangular wand! It’s 10.35 by 1.02 inches by 1.02 inches in size, ready to zap those words into place. Speaking of zapping, it’s powered by one small AAA battery (which is already included in the package).

keyboard size correct

And just like magic, it automatically goes on and off once you spread it out on the table.

Just look at its size compared to a regular pencil…

pencil keyboard

And to a regular keyboard!

keyboard to orig keyboard

Rolly offers a full QWERTY keyboard, similar to the normal ones we have with our PCs and laptops — no abbreviations or shortcuts.

But unlike normal keyboards which need lengthy cords to connect to your computer, the Rolly can help you type even if you’re quite far from your mobile device. You can type as far as you can, as long as the Bluetooth pairing is accessible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an iPhone, an iPad, an Android phone, or even a tablet. The built-in stand can handle anything (minus the thick cases, though).

keyboard bag

Fits perfectly in your bag, too!

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