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Have you ever been mesmerized by the sight of a rainbow?

That’s the same feeling you’ll have (or at least we had) if you join Color Manila’s happy-hued races. From the bright colors splashed on to participants in every race obstacle to the finish line that seems so close yet so far like an actual rainbow, you’ll see that it’s not that terrible to enjoy this journey, stop in the tracks, and have fun.

crowd color

Color Manila, an annual race that comes with the much-anticipated color festival, negates the misconception that fun runs are plain boring tracks. The latest challenge — Watsons Color Manila Challenge 2016 on March 6, 2016– is a race you wouldn’t want to finish ASAP. Why? Because every stop is a fun obstacle, a color-filled station, and a perfect photo op for all the runners.

Here’s a peek at the happenings you missed last Sunday at the “rainbow run” held at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds in Pasay City:

1. Routes of your choice

Runners were given the chance to sign up for either the 3k, 5k, or 10k route during the registration period early this year. It won’t feel far because the tracks are winding U-turns within the Mall of Asia complex.

(Photo courtesy of Color Manila)
(Photo courtesy of Color Manila)

5k route

10k route

The finish line always seem so near yet so far – like a rainbow! And crossing the finish line means more colors brought by the much-awaited color festival.

2. A.M. party


Partying ‘til the sun comes up? Nah. In Color Manila, you party with the sun already up! If you think this is already crazy, then you’ll be getting something crazier from the celebration: lots and lots of colored powder which made the runners look like pieces of a kaleidoscope.

Runners joined in the dance party on stage, earning them goodies from Watsons Color Manila Challenge sponsors!
Runners joined in the dance party on stage, earning them goodies from Watsons Color Manila Challenge sponsors!

A countdown was held as the hosts, and model of Watsons – Yassi Pressman and Dominic Roque– took the stage to dance the night day away while releasing color packets of different shades in the air. It’s a magical feeling! (Not recommended for people with asthma, though)

Color festival cover

Color Manila takes pride in making their runners be their own color in a human canvas, painted by their fun experiences.

Here’s a 360 look of the color festival:

3. Inflatable slides


Slides are not only for kids… but slides in parks are not big enough for you, that’s for sure! Color Manila presents the perfect opportunity for you to go wheeee down the inflated slides big enough for kids at heart.


After all, it won’t hurt to have some fun once in a while. No one’s going to judge you too because they’re also having the time of their lives.

4. Neon hues

starting line2

Starting the race with a burst of colors and ending it with more bursts of colors – this is Color Manila.

selfie pink

Every obstacle is also marked with a certain color where staff happily showers runners with the specific powder. Getting marked green, pink, violet, yellow, blue, and orange means you survived a challenge!

selfie yellow

Plus, it’s a perfect selfie moment. These kids will agree.

5. Booths and Bands

A marching band accompanied runners as they ran from obstacle to obstacle. Hearing their lively tunes made it feel like they’re cheering for you! Well, they really are! Look at their friendly faces:

marching band2

marching band

Freebies are also up for grabs after the race. Need refreshment? There’s Pocari Sweat. Have aching muscles? Salonpas has free ointments. Want skin care? Neutrogena’s there for you. That, and many more sponsors aided runners as the rest of the crowd partied hard with the DJs at the color festival.

6. Obstacles galore

obstacle yellow

obstacle pink

obstacle pink2

Getting fit takes a lot of hard work and determination, but getting pumped up to join fun runs with obstacles is another story. Worry not as Color Manila is a race where you can run at your own pace. Rather than getting fed up with the obstacles slowing down runners in their tracks, these fun road obstructions gave everyone a good laugh (and splash of color).

7. Water stops for hydration

water station

Health is important, of course. Everyone needs their eight glasses of water a day so along the way, water stations were put up to provide runners with quick hydration. We’ll have to say that it was a refreshing run!

At the finish line, runners can also exchange their “hydration” stub for a bottle of water and a cereal drink for free.

hand phone

Finishing the color festival brings you to the end of the rainbow where participants eventually got their pot of gold experiences… with a medal!


Runners wait every year for the new surprises from Color Manila which provides fun activities you wouldn’t imagine possible early in the morning. As they put it: “We bring out the real fun in the ‘fun’ run, through a color festival. We are the paintbrushes, and You are the Paint. We carry the palette but you make your own strokes.”

mb life

Note: Check out the first letter of each reason stated above. We formed a RAINBOW!

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