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Who’s up for fries surprise?

Inspired by McDonald’s Japan’s choco-covered fries with a drizzle of milk, we challenged millennials to try fries FOR FREE…but with a twist! Little did they know that they will be blindfolded as JD of MB Life assisted them in their tasty journey.

So here’s the twist: The team recreated the delicious salty-sweet treat offered by the famous fast-food chain–but we opted to add four more dips: cheese and salsa, coco jam, Japanese salad dressing, and mustard! Yes, we know it’s a bit weird but that’s the fun part!

Their reactions were priceless…and too honest!

The verdict: Fries + choco and milk seem to be a yummy treat for the young.

Let this be a guide for your next dip adventure with your favorite fries. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, experiment, and try things out for yourself.

‘Til our next food adventure! We’re thinking of a sweet tooth treat for our next taste test.

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