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Happy National Pancake Day!

Yes, there’s a celebration as such because… why not? In case you’re wondering, IHOP or the International House of Pancakes has been globally celebrating a traditional day for these good old fluffy treats for 10 years now. IHOPs in different countries either give away pancakes for free or donate to a certain local cause.

In the Philippines, the six existing IHOP restaurants offered its diners an “all-you-can-eat buttermilk pancake” promo for P250 for an entire day.

We at MB Life — not that we are gluttons — wanted to join in the fun and enjoy this rare opportunity. Here’s how we made the most out of these unlimited pancakes:

Brunch. Lunch-Dinner. Brinner?

We combined two major meals in one sitting. For instance, instead of having two separate meals for breakfast and lunch, we had brunch at IHOP at around 10:30 a.m. and decided that we had enough by 1 p.m. If you think, however, that skipping a meal might upset your stomach, you can munch in a light snack before heading to IHOP.


C-O-F-F-E-E or tea

Coffee lovers, like us, rejoice! We were given a guilt-free (or not) reason to exceed the daily quota for our coffee intake. Experts, like Kris Gunnars, BSc, say that caffeine found in coffee and/or tea can influence our metabolic rate and help burn fat in the short term. Take note on the “short term”, though.

The good news is IHOP offers bottomless iced and hot caffeinated beverages that can be perfectly paired with the unlimited pancake promo.

Non-dairy creamer being poured into a coffee cup -- MBLife/MONICA PANTALEON
Non-dairy creamer being poured into a coffee cup — MBLife/MONICA PANTALEON

Chill, guys!

When tired, rest, but do not give up too soon — just like in life, right? We rested for a bit — enjoyed the wonderful ambiance of Manila Bay right before us and chatted about our colleagues (dear workmates, we swear it wasn’t backstabbing) while taking in the view — to give our tummies enough time to make room for more.

Our view at the IHOP branch in the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay — MBLife/MONICA PANTALEON


Sharing on IG whatever we ate — we’re guilty of it, too. Good news to us, the all-you-can-eat pancakes gave us an unlimited opportunity to experiment on different angles, lighting, and props that would make our pancakes IG-worthy. Now, we have a variety of stock pancake photos for Instagram!

Pouring the original syrup onto the buttermilk pancakes — MBLife/MONICA PANTALEON
We ordered bacon and fries for props (and yes, because who doesn’t love bacon and fries?) — MBLife/MONICA PANTALEON
Two of the four IHOP pancake syrups — MBLife/MONICA PANTALEON

Eat-all-you-can for a cause — a win-win situation

Above everything else, what made the National Pancake Day a fulfilling celebration is that we get to help children with cancer and chronic disease to learn, play, and grow while undergoing treatment.

The P200 of the P250 we spent for the promo will be given by IHOP to the Kythe Foundation, Inc — a non-profit, non-stock organization providing psychological support to over 8,000 children with cancer and other chronic illness and their families.


Talk about a sense of fulfilment! Can everyday be a National Pancake Day?

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