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When it comes to job application, candidates are at their wit’s end about which document to submit while looking for work. The best way is to determine which is which is to know what a potential employer needs to know about the applicant.


Since this piece of paper is interested only in the biographical information, it focuses on personal details like date of birth, gender, religion or denomination/sect, race/ethnicity, nationality, residence/domicile, marital status, and the like. This form is readily available in most bookstores.


Derived from the French word “summary,” this set of documents is an abbreviated list of one’s educational attainment, skills set, and employment record. This is often submitted when applying for a specific post or when deliberations are made in consideration of a school or socio-civic award.

Curriculum Vitae

Latin for “course of life,” a CV offers a more detailed set of information than the resumé. Generally two to three pages (or longer), it indicates how a candidate’s skills set have been used in the course of his/her career path. It also points to his/her expertise and/or forte in a given field(s) of specialization.

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