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Digital Walker photo

Think you’re tough (and artsy) enough? Why don’t you take on the Digital Walker Minecraft Challenge!

Digital Walker, one of the most famous go-to stores for the hippest and up-to-date gadget accessories in the Philippines, is currently holding a Minecraft Challenge that puts players’ gaming skills and creativity to the test…with a huge prize at stake!

Minecraft is a sandbox game where you dig (mine) and build (craft) different kinds of 3D blocks within a large world of varying terrains and habitats to explore. The game was originally created by Marksus Persson, who founded Mojang AB in 2009. In the game, you can explore, mine, craft, farms, fish, and brew potions while trying to survive from the bad guys — spiders, creepers, skeletons, the Enderman (looks like Slenderman), and the Enderdragon.

Minecraft monsters

Here are five easy steps on how to win cash and tech freebies just by playing Minecraft:

  1. Learn how to play Minecraft (for those who don’t know how) and test your building skills.
  2. If you deem yourself worthy of building a Minecraft empire for Digital Walker, then construct a concept store within a 75 x 75 block limit. Make sure it’s artsy enough. Think of it as a place you’d like to visit yourself.
  3. Consider the following criteria:

Digital Walker Minecraft Challenge Contest criteria

For a total of a 100% chance at winning!

  1. Submit your entries by uploading it on any day until April 15, 2016. Include screenshots and/or a video that can make the judges want to know more about your blockbuster hit (literal blocks).
  2. Wait as your design goes on a showdown against other Digital Walker-designed Minecraft art. May the best blocks win!

Here’s the loot: Out of all the Minecraft art submitted to Digital Walker, only 10 entries with the highest scores will be featured on Digital Walker’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. But that’s not all. First to third place winners will receive P10,000; P5,000; and P3,000 respectively.

Names of the triumphant few will be announced on April 25, 2016 through Digital Walker’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account.

The contest, which started early March, is now underway and will continue until mid-April. Check out the #DWMinecraftChallenge on social media for more information.


What are you waiting for? Better start working on your Minecraft art now.

Oh.. and make sure it doesn’t fall!

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