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Those who keep on saying that OPM is dead are either living inside a cave or are probably dead themselves. In fact, the biggest independent OPM fair, ILVSTRADOS’ Intramuros Rising is about to roll with its fourth installment this coming weekend.


Among the featured bands on ILVSTRADOS’ Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March are Cheats, which have just recently flew to Singapore to represent our country during the Laneway Festival, and Kjwan, the band behind the famous track “One Look”.

But aside from these two awesome bands, we are looking forward to delighting ourselves on the independent groups that have been making our hearts flutter on their intimate sets at Route 196, Saguijo and other bars around the metro. We could only imagine how awesome it will be to see them perform on a bigger stage, one after the other.

Here are some of the bands we will be personally looking out for on this year’s Intramuros Rising:

5. Halik Ni Gringo

The thing about Halik Ni Gringo is that they are just so energetic they’ll unleash the rockstar in you… even if it doesn’t really exist. We are looking forward to hearing Modus Dei live.

4. SUD
“Walang sagot sa tanong kung bakit ka mahalaga. Walang papantay sa’yo.” Also, get that saxophone out!

3. We are Imaginary
The mixture of Owl City and Coldplay. If that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.

2. Brisom

Brisom is the kind of band you would love to have during a long night drive. Put their songs on the loop, and the next thing you know, you are pouring your heart out to your friend.

1. Ourselves the Elves
Just how their band name goes, their music is definitely jinxed and will put you in a trance in no time. It’s really hard to choose one song of Ourselves the Elves to be featured on this post. Every single thing is just downright beautiful.

As if this line-up is not yet enough, Intramuros Rising will also feature university bands around Intramuros. Nothing beats hearing raw music from raw talents!

Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March is happening this March 18-19 at Puerto Real Gardens, Intramuros. See you there!!

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