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In his own words, Pinggot Zulueta defines his latest exhibition as “mga delubyong napagdaanan ko sa buhay.”  More than any advanced art endeavor, Zulueta’s Incepto: Ink Drawings is an expression- at the deepest and darkest sense of it.


Through his 28 artworks, Zulueta was able to document the various turbulence he had experienced in his life which unraveled the best of his artistry. His raw emotions were justified by an equally raw medium: pen and ink. The audience was left with nothing but pure images of an artist’s mind.


Zulueta is not a beginner in the world of arts. The opening reception of Incepto was not only packed with local art enthusiasts but critically acclaimed artists as well. Each and every one of them exclaimed that Incepto is Zulueta’s best project to date.

1 Heavy Heart-
MIRROR. “24 self portrait by Pingot Zulueta

“Naipakita niya kung gaano kapowerful and composition,” said Filipino painter Fil Delacruz. “Nakita ko na yung earlier paintings niya, mga colorful. Pero this time, itong exhibit niya, black and white drawings, dito nadisplay niya yung kanyang virtuosity sa pen and ink na drawing.”

Delacruz also added that through using a minimalist medium, Zulueta was able to display the best of his craftsmanship.

4 Frankenstein-

THE REAL MONSTER. “13 portrait of one of the most popular literary character ever written.
“Malakas. Very emotional. Alam natin na may bitbit na lakas yung mga imahe ng works ni Pinggot kaya ang gaganda ng mga kinalabasan,”

However, Ching also said Zulueta’s exhibition may be improved if he transfers works to bigger canvasses. “Kung mapapalaki, mas mapapalakas.”

2 Dialogue-

CONFUSION. “16 pen and ink portrait on how it feels like talking with George.

“I am quite expressed na kahit doodle, may composition, which is expressing something. Pen and ink is a good way of doing something na hindi ganoon ka-complicated, but he was able to express yung gusto niyang idea,”

Orlina also vowed that Incepto is only the beginning of Zulueta. “With his love for the arts, we are going to see more of Pinggot’s work later on.”


Pinggot Zulueta’s Incepto: Ink Drawings runs until March 24 at Art Cube Gallery, 3/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Malls, Makati City.

Photos by Monica Pantaleon

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