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‘Tis the season for packing for that summer getaway. How do you do it in one haul?

With the numerous girly necessities and kikay kits tagging along with us wherever we go, there should be a bag that is tote-tally fit for every occasion. Here’s a guide to perfecting your look, not just this summer, but for your everyday catwalk.

Glam beach trip with the fam bam

Audrey 2 in 1 shopper_4798
Audrey 2-in-1 Shopper (GUESS)

Since Mr. Sun is already out to play with us over at the beach, it’s only fitting to remain glam and gorgeous not just in our summer bikinis but also with the perfect bag to go with our look. We recommend a multifunctional tote bag that’s big enough for your sunblock, shades, beach towel, gadgets, and what-have-yous to complete your tropical fun experience.

Fun in the sun

MANGO Pebbled Tote Bag
MANGO Pebbled Tote Bag (MANGO)

Be as vibrant as the sun with happy summer colors. Pick bags with hues that add oomph to plain clothes for events requiring you to strut down the sunny streets. Get ahead of the print game by baring totes with noticeable designs and a size big enough for all your needs.

Road trip with friends

Backpack Herschel
(Herschel Backpack/ Courtesy of Bless This Stuff)

Time for road trips! Best to bring a backpack during times like this when you’re not sure how many days you’ll be away from home, sweet home. A bucket bag works too but in order to make sure that you have everything you need in one pack, bring a backpack!

Career woman duties

Celine Luggage Nano Bag (Celine)
Celine Luggage Nano Bag (Celine)

Dressing up for work can be quite challenging but picking a bag shouldn’t. In choosing a fashionable work bag, go for those with clean-cut lines that can compliment any look. Do go for a shade that can go well with your uniform, blazer, or heels.

Loco over boho

Huntley Cali Satchel_4598
Huntley Cali Satchel (GUESS)

Floral prints are still in bloom. For chill hangouts, coffee dates, and art gallery trips, don’t be afraid to try prints that bring out a fresh vibe in you.

Shopping spree buddy

Zara bucket bag (Zara)
ZARA Drawstring Bucket Bag (ZARA)

Bucket bags are really handy. To complete your “going-to-the-mall” look, sling on a bucket bag that can carry your entire haul and all the little stuff you buy from shops you swing by.

Late-night hangouts

Ivy Clutch_2998
Ivy Clutch (GUESS)

After an entire day working, studying, or traveling with big-enough bags, dinner dates and late-night hangouts would be the perfect excuse to ditch the biggies and grab the pretty clutches. A clutch is a handy, sleek, and sexy pouch for your essentials – like retouch kits, cards, and IDs.

When you don’t have time to pick

ZARA Fringed Leather Bucket Bag (ZARA)
ZARA Fringed Leather Bucket Bag (ZARA)

We’ve all been through days when we don’t have enough time to decide on what bag to use (because thinking about what to wear is already hard work!). Thus, make sure you have a neutral-colored bag that you can pair with ANYTHING you can possibly think of. Shoulder bags are a chic staple in every girl’s closet… and satchels too!

Just make sure to pick the right color and size apt for your outfit. Color matching can do wonders to your over-all look… but that’s a story for a different day.

Watch out for more style updates from MB Life by checking our website from time to time.

Enjoy your summer trip!

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