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Basselworld, to the uninitiated, is the annual premier event for the watch and jewelry industry.

Since it started in 1917, Basselworld has since become the focal point of the industry, where all players of the industry showcase their creations and innovations. The show attracts everyone from designers and purchasers, to the global press and consumers who wish to feel the pulse of this fascinating world, be inspired and share in this amazing experience.

This year’s collection were composed mostly of red, black, and bronze faces with smaller classy cases — a far cry from the oversized frames so popular in the past years. We can conclude that 2016’s set is of the right size.

Here are 10 pieces that caught our attention and will probably catch yours, too!

Glashuette PanoMaticInverse

Classic design with unique aesthetics boasts of its avant-garde design with a touch of historical inspiration. What sets this apart from the other watches is the artistically engraved balance-bridge with a rhythmic pulsation much similar to a heartbeat. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve!

Hublot Big Bang All Black

We always have that one friend (or ourselves) who sticks to black all the time… because why not, right? It can be paired with almost anything, saving us from the hassle of mix and matching outfit colors. Hublot’s Big Bang All Black sports watch is a stunner for monochrome lovers. Best for him who likes intricate black design! We fell in love with its handsome unconventional styling.

Rado True Open Heart

The True Open Heart is a really light and elegant limited edition creation from Rado watch company in Switzerland. It uses high-tech ceramic for an inimitable elegance with a glossy or matte finish. The white beauty is styled into a linked bracelet-type with an openwork dial made up of a self-winding mother of pearl. Perfect for ladies who are monochrome lovers.

TAG Heuer Carrera Connected Smartwatch

This baby has an analogue day and date indicator, a self-winding chronograph, and a flying tourbillion. With TAG Heuer making its way to the hands of a younger set of audience, they have developed this watch in collaboration with Intel and Google for a techy twist.

Longines 20H Calibre Pocket Watch

Who says pocket watches are outdated? These watches are a rare find and it’s perfect in adding a hipster or classy vibe to our robe! As one of the chronographic pioneers, Longines dates back to 140 years ago. Their first pocket watch with a built-in chronograph was made available in 1878. It’s a classic find! They also have wristwatches but this one’s a stunner for artsy, bohemian chic millennials who prefer to do time checks from their necklaces. Thus, this 20H Calibre Pocket Watch is still a must-have, IMHO.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman

For those with an active lifestyle and whose travel adventures always involve surfing, diving into the coral-filled deep, jumping off waterfalls, or hanging out by the beach, this Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman is one of the best candidates to be a travel buddy… because it’s waterproof! (Water resistance: Up to 1,000 meters) It was first introduced as a special military edition in 1943 but was innovated to be part of the sporty and rugged new collection in 2016 with a crown-protection that meets diver watch standards.

Calvin Klein Class

For ladies with a knack for unique bracelet-like fashion watches, Calvin Klein combines watches and jewelry through the class watch bearing a cut-out bracelet construction. It’s perfect for ladies who love minimalist yet stylish designs. Also available in polished stainless steel, yellow, and pink gold PVD with a variation in dial colors – silver, black, or dark brown.

Jeanrichard Terrascope

This watch shouts: “I’m a traveler and I love risky adventures!” while still being in style. Its bronze brushed dial and satin-finished stainless steel case is embedded with a diamond bezel (also available without it). Plus, it’s got real arrow-headed hands. Looks contemporary with a distinctive twist that is definitely cutting edge. With the name “Terrascope”, it definitely looks ready to be brought to the mountainous terrains of the world.

Juicy Couture Jetsetter

Ready to join jet setters in their trips, Juicy Couture’s pretty in pink Jetsetter features a finely textured crystal-dust dial and crystal markers. With such a girly vibe, this watch will make anyone look fashionably ready for Mean Girls It’s got a 38mm rose gold ion-plated stainless steel case and pink glitter ombre dial with brilliant Swarovski crystals. Sweet! The strap’s also made up of a classy dusty rose-colored silicone. Elegant, bold, and so feminine!

Invicta Artist Series: Erni Vales on a Russian Diver Watch

Miami-based graffiti artist Erni Vales’ work for the Artist Series was embedded into a Russian Diver watch for wearable art. This is only one of 30 innovative collections from Invicta. It’s like wearing an art canvas on your wrist. The Diver watch’s case and strap complements the artwork’s colors. So artsy, right?

But hey, Baby-G, AM:PM, and Seiko didn’t disappoint.

Check out AM:PM’s trendy colors below. Really apt for the go-getter kids on the block.

These are just of the stunners from the Basselworld Brand Book 2016. Check out the other stylish finds over at their website for more art-inspired innovative watches and jewelry.

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