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And by cut, we mean cutting out the life from us with their exquisite appearances that are definitely (and literally) to-die for. With the upcoming national pageant, here’s a takeaway to the not-so-appreciated beauties from the Philippines!

Candidate 1: Tamawo


“Centuries-old, hailing from the old trees of the Philippines!”

These gorgeous light-skinned inhabitants of the country look very much like the humans who got in the pageant… except that they lack a filtrum – the line between the nose and upper lip. Tamawo’s kingdom can be found inside the huge, old trees in the bushy forests. She’s got a lot of supporters following her around, you know.

*Photo from Shake, Rattle & Roll XIII (2011)

Candidate 2: Halimaw sa Banga

halimaw sa banga

“As old as your banga, inside your homes in the Philippines!”

With a height and complexion competing against Tamawo, Halimaw sa Banga takes pride in her pearl-white skin and naturally curly hair tousled up in an up-to-date fashion. Fun fact: The night life is definitely her thing, pretty much like our other candidates.

*Halimaw sa Banga (1986)

Candidate 3: Manananggal


“25, coming to a city near you, Philippines!”

Her beauty is definitely Pinay. This girl’s so fly, her qualifications soared too high up the scoreboards that she wasn’t able to make it to the cut. Her day look is definitely far off from her night appearance, though. Manananggal’s type is very hard to catch!

*Shake, Rattle & Roll I (1984)

Candidate 4: Aswang


“Undying, from a native province, Philippines!”

She’s got that mysterious glow in her eyes wherever she goes, thus, luring people to her arms. Aswang can be whatever she wants to be and she’s confident that she can turn into whatever you want her to be. This girl’s a tough cookie with much flair.

*Shake, Rattle & Roll VIII (2006)

Candidate 5: Lotus Feet

lotus feet

“Hundred years old, in your bagua mirrors, Philippines!”

Lotus Lady loves staring people in the eye. She can smize her way into anyone’s heart so much that anyone will drop dead in an instant. Take a look at that jet-black hair color. Perfect! Her family is of Chinese descent, FYI.

*Feng Shui (2004)

Candidate 6: Undin


“As old as the forest, inside your toilets, Philippines!”

Originally hailing from the lakes of the country, little Undin made her way to civilization and tried her luck to lure in people to her circle. Her beauty’s quite unique (she’s a water nymph) but too bad her height didn’t pass the required measurement.

*Shake, Rattle & Roll III (1991)

Candidate 7: Tiyanak


“Months-old, lurking in the dark, Philippines!”

This cute little thing was just too young to make it to the cut. She’s still adorable, though. Don’t you think?

*Tiyanak (1988)

Candidate 8: Impakto


“Still a youngster, old houses, Philippines!”

Forming the too-young-to-make-it duo, Impakto joins Tiyanak in the list of those who were just too young to qualify. There’s always a next year for these two.

*Impakto (1996)

We think beauty pageants are just not destined for them. Anyway, we’re proud they’ve already come far as the country’s eight famous heart-stoppers. Literally heart-stoppers.

Happy April Fool’s!

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