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UO Healthfit3

Because almost everything we want is right at the palm of our hands, United Object (UO) has created a body fat analyzer that is easily grasped and literally needs just our hands to provide the answer we need. This portable technology is perfect for health junkies who would like to keep track of their body mass just by standing straight and extending their arms for a couple of seconds.

The UO Healthfit Body Fat Analyzer works similar to pulse registers but with slight and unfelt electrical charges that measure body fat. A user needs to download the UO Healthfit app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and sign up for the sake of keeping track of previous body fat analysis.

UO Healthfit2

Users should know their height and weight before measuring their fat details. The app will need a few basic details like name, age, and gender…so registration is practically easy peasy.

As UO Healthfit analyzed our body fats, we asked millennials to try it out and analyze it… just because we think it’s unfair if the analysis only goes one way!

The result: Pretty much everyone was stuck at the borderline of shocked and doubtful but it’s cool to know that the app is accurate enough for everyday use. After presenting the total body stats and type (which may be a problem for some), it presents solutions and tips on how to maintain or improve your weight, your body, your health, and basically your whole life.

It’s like a personal nutritionist and gym trainer in one. If you’re looking for a fitness friend, you better get acquainted with this one. It can help you know what to eat, what workout to follow, and keep track of the changes in your upper body.

Just remember that although less body fat makes you feel so good about yourself, it’s better to maintain them at a normal amount since our bodies need fat to survive!

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