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Trust seems to be an issue that has taken up much of every millennial’s life. With numerous unbelievable happenings, iffy messages, and online hoax posts everywhere testing how gullible we are. The youngbloods have raised their defenses to a level where they already doubt everything… and we mean every. single. thing.

Fear not for we have a timely visitor who gave us tips on how to discern lies from truth and how to stand our ground. The former Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary shared her thoughts on how she scrutinizes everything that she faced in her life during a short interview with MB Life.

(MB Photo/ KJ Rosales)
(MB Photo/ KJ Rosales)

The senatorial aspirant also fielded questions from Manila Bulletin’s editors and social media followers for “MB Hot Seat” on Wednesday (April 6, 2016) at the Manila Bulletin Integrated Newsroom.

To explain further, the 56-year-old candidate mentioned three things to consider when scrutinizing truth from lies and right from wrong:

1. Rules of Evidence

Rules of evidence determine whether legal cases may be placed before a trier of fact for consideration. It tackles the when, how, and whats in every trial.

Delving away from law and politics, we think evidences are also a must in investigating – no matter how big or small of an issue that is. It’s important to have proof that can back up the decision we make. Why, think of it as a supporting character in a scene when you cry foul and everyone’s clueless about what you’re saying.

2. Gut feeling

Once you have solid evidence, it’s time to put intuition into use. Although this combination of emotion and logic gives us specific conclusions without consciously reasoning, gut feelings have been right at times and we all use it in our lives. It’s just best if used with concrete evidences.

There is also a science to intuition and women are said to be blessed with a stronger ability to have successful intuitive decisions. According to Medical Daily, ladies should trust their gut.

Well, Leila did! That explains the achievements she got during her stay for more than five years in her department.

3. Hard work and facts

Back to the specifics of any case or situation, it’s also a must to get all our facts straight and not just base everything on assumptions. This can only be made possible if we work hard on what we’re doing. Perseverance is also a major factor.

In the end, we can easily stand our ground when we know that what we believe in has a sturdy foundation. Also, standing alongside the truth and what is right always has a bearing.

(MB Photo/ Federico Cruz)
(MB Photo/ Federico Cruz)

As De Lima puts it: “It’s always just a matter of doing what is right. And most of the time, you know, we know exactly what is right. It’s just a matter of doing what is right and everything else would follow.”

Known as the “woman with balls” because of having no holds barred as a Justice Secretary, De Lima also encourages millennials, especially young women, to just go ahead and express their opinion.

“You all have freedom to think and to say what you think and just go ahead,” she reminded.

De Lima is running for senator under the banner of the Liberal Party this upcoming election.

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