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Your career choice needs to be given a lot of time. It is everything but easy, especially when you’re lost or confused. The youth usually encounter this kind of problem . With all the external influence and pressure around them, what should be a decision made solely by them turns into surveys and opinions. Often times, this becomes the main reason for them to change courses midway, fail their classes or, worst of all, stop attending class.

Wasting an opportunity to get proper education is such a big loss for the society. Dreams turn to dust and the future turns blurry. Luckily, we have someone who can give you the answers you need to your questions and don’t worry, he will help you win.

Senatorial candidate and Valenzuela City Congressman Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian gave MB Life tips in finding the right course for you. Watch what he has to say.

To make the decision easier, Congressman Win gave us tips to help you decide on what course you should take in college. (SPOILER ALERT: IT WILL HELP YOU DEAL WITH THE CONFUSION!)


“You really need to think and ponder because ikaw lang makapagsasabi kung ano ang gusto mo.”  Congressman Win is 100% correct because the only person who knows you the most is yourself. The answer to that question does not rely on your family or your friends because you’re the one who will be taking it on the course.


Think about it, would you want to do something that is boring for you? Something that is more burden than fun? If the answer is no, you’re already on the right track.


Just like a relationship, your course (and future career) should make you happy. The course you choose should make you feel satisfied about yourself every single day. It’s as simple as that.


Another thing that affects this certain decision is the conflict between Practicality and Passion. Believe it or not, there are people out there who had the hardest time figuring out what they will choose. Lucky are those who have both but for those who are stuck in the middle, here’s what ONE THING that you should do according to Congressman Win.


You know what you want to be, you know what drives you to do more and what inspires you in life so go do it. No one is stopping you but yourself. If you believe that you’re meant for that, do everything you can to get there and be the person you believe you’re destined to be.

Finally the question we’ve all been waiting to ask (plus pun intended) is WHAT MAKES WIN GATCHALIAN WIN IN LIFE.

“When you look at public servants like us, akala mo sobrang successful, akala mo lahat ng ginagawa tama but that’s the contrary, marami kaming failures. In fact, the failure is what makes you stronger.” He shared to us.

“Keep on moving, hindi ka puwedeng huminto.” He added.

A man knows his limits as much as he knows himself, which is what Congressman Win told us in the end.

Looks like we got all the wisdom we could ask for from Congressman Win. Just remember what he told us, knowing yourself is a big influence on the decisions you’ll make in life because who else would live that for you, except you.

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