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Beyoncé just stirred up some sweet lemonade for us this week.

April 23, 2016 marked the release of Queen Bey’s sixth solo studio album entitled, Lemonade. The second visual studio album in her illustrious career. Not to mention, HBO also released an hour-long film that came with the record.

And people have officially gone berserk.

The buzz started after its release on Tidal, along with the complete track list that was made public. The record features some of the music industry’s finest artists. Getting Kendrick Lamar, James Blake, The Weeknd and Jack White in one album isn’t easy, you know?

(Photo from Beyonce Knowles' Twitter page [@Beyonce])
(Photo from Beyonce Knowles’ Twitter page [@Beyonce])

The 12-song masterpiece has received insanely positive ratings and reviews from critics and fans alike since its initial public release. Breaking genre barriers and capturing the listeners’ hearts.

More than the hype that the album already has (Though, you can say that about any new Beyoncé album), it aspires to be so much more. The album wants to deliver an even bigger message to the public.

The album gives you a glimpse of her eight-year marriage with one of hip-hop’s biggest names, Jay Z. The marriage hasn’t been an easy one for Bey, to say the least. Well, when your partner cheats on you like that, you can understand why.

Divorce rumors and heightened cheating speculations and all, the music industry’s ultimate power couple is still together.

The tracks are especially powerful as she goes through narratives about the couple’s heavily scrutinized marriage (You just have to listen to the lines from the songs, you just have to), the emotional whirlwind and the reality check that marriage is never an easy thing.

Looks like another hit but that is just another run-for-the-mill feat for her. Need we say more? She’s Beyoncé for crying out loud, what did you expect?

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