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In an age where love has been reduced to casual dating and small time flings. And with the carefully practiced art of emotional detachment, accompany that with the development of hook up culture, people have looked at love as an afterthought.

A relationship that lasts, a relationship that’s strong. Relationships like that are rare, some people don’t even believe in relationships like that

People choose the lighter side. We want it fun, we want it fast and we want to play it smart. Nobody wants to get hurt and trust is something hard to come by nowadays but hey, you can’t really blame people, right?

We’ve created this culture of bitter hugot lines and slogans for our walang forever posts. The idea that nothing lasts has stuck with us and it has affected the way we approach love and how we view relationships.

And oh, it’s so much easier to just flirt around, right?

Swiping left and right on Tinder, actively waiting on a hit-up on Grindr, casual flirting in school or at work. No strings attached just sounds so much more fun to us nowadays.

Flirting is the new, hip way millennials find a sense of fulfillment with their egos and their emotions in. We just don’t believe in love anymore. We love the idea of it but believing in it is another thing, we want to love but most of us aren’t willing to do what it takes for love to blossom.

We flirt with a bunch of people because it’s easier, it’s more convenient for us. It saves us from hurting and most of all, it feels gratifying to feel wanted. We also have the luxury of keeping all our options open. Finding someone that’s worth it just isn’t appealing anymore.

Not to mention, people are just too afraid of it.

We’ve read about break-ups, we’ve gone through rough ones and moreso, we’ve developed the sense that things just don’t work out. The world has become realists when looking at love, too real, I guess?

Love is distorted in a sense, maybe it’s the new mentality or the new era I suppose. People nowadays don’t want relationships; they want something to make them feel good about themselves. And love isn’t just about feeling good, no, there’s so much more to it.

It can be difficult at times, they always have been and always will. It’s one big compromise. Sacrifices, patience and understanding — these things take hard work. And people just don’t want that anymore.

Or do they? I believe they do.

There’s a reason why wedding videos photos and family-related posts from our favorite celebrities garner a ton of views, those happy faces and the overall kilig of it all. Well, because people secretly want that, everybody does.

Or what about all the #relationshipgoals posts we usually see? Come on, don’t kid yourself by saying you don’t want that. We all do and that’s okay

Name one person you can say that doesn’t want something true. Flirting is just another cover-up for the thing every person wants the most – something real, something that’s strong and something that lasts.

Love is a scary thing, that’s why most people tend to stay away from it and resort to modern age flirting instead. A relationship takes more than just accepting the good, it takes accepting the bad too. It’s the capacity to give yourself away to somebody, to trust them and trust in what you guys have.

Yes, the fact that trusting doesn’t always work out for everybody and that some people aren’t just for each other makes it even more scary. But that doesn’t change what love is supposed to be or what love is about.

It takes a special kind of acceptance in loving, one that transcends judgement and cultivates understanding.

And when you’ve finally found that, make it work. It takes a whole lot more, even the happiest couples have had their bad days. You should keep that in mind.

In some cases, things just last. Acceptance, open communication, understanding and the common goal to stay no matter how hard it may get. Those are qualities that make a relationship work, that make love work.

So quit with all your “mag-bebreak din kayo” statuses and walang forever tweets. We all just want the same thing – to love and be loved in the purest sense of the love itself.

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