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Who is that man running towards danger? Why is he always present when disaster strikes? Is he not scared? Is he going crazy? Is he a hero? No, he is Richard ‘Dick’ Gordon.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer visited the Manila Bulletin for the “MB Hot Seat” interview on Monday (May 2, 2016) where he answered all of the questions given to him with integrity. After his information-filled session with the editors and writers of Manila Bulletin, he was still up for a short interview with MB Life.


The PRC Chairman, known as “Action Man” and “Flash Gordon” to many, was game for the short and light set of questions we prepared for him.

Why does the Senate need a Dick Gordon?

He told us that with him in the Senate, a true gentleman who is alert and strong will be added to the list.

“You need strong leadership, leadership with results and you need leadership na hindi epal and may integrity,” he added.

There may be more to the list but what the chairman pointed out is that people need, a leader that does not need exposure or fame to do and be effective in his job.

What are the traits of Dick Gordon that earned him the title of Flash Gordon?

Being compared to a superhero means that a lot of people recognize and appreciate the good deeds and exemplary records that a person has. Tagged as “Flash Gordon” who is a fictional character sent to another planet to combat its evil force, the chairman gladly told us what he believed is the reason for this title.

He stressed that a person must be assertive, able to aim high and possesses a work ethic that has no time for laziness and nonsensical things.

Following this question, we asked him what super powers would he want to have in order to help the country. His answers, which should come as a surprise, are still focused on the betterment of the country.

For one, he said a power to create an attitude change in the people to make the country their priority is something that he wants. He even added the need for quality education so that the people will be better equipped in life. Those may not be super powers but it sure would help the lives of many people.

Since we’re already in the “Hero” topic, we might as well ask him what superhero name would he want for himself.

He gave us a long list of all the names and characters that are related to him but in the end, he gave us a simple and touching answer. “I just simply wanted to be my father.”

So what drives this man to run towards danger zones every time a calamity strikes?

The PRC Chairman answered us that his exposure to a volunteer mother for 70 years and his Red Cross work for 48 years changed the way he saw things. He even told us how priceless it is to be a volunteer, help people and not expect anything in return.

There’s nothing else to say about him except the fact that he really is a real life hero who puts the needs and lives of everyone else before himself.

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