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TG Guingona ft

In addition to the flowery words and platforms set before the voters prior to the elections, getting to know the lighter side of a candidate is also important in determining how they will be able to handle their day-to-day duties.

MB Life did just that during a short talk with senatorial aspirant Teofisto “TG” Guingona III who joined Manila Bulletin editors for the MB Hot Seat on May 3, 2016. Aside from politics-related questions to find out his readiness to return to the Senate, Guingona was asked about millennial-related woes and he was kind enough to let us know how to determine our readiness to say “Go na!” before a situation.

His campaign line “Go na” can be used in two forms: “Go na” which means to go after or start running after something, or “Go na” which means to leave. We thew him situations regarding both and here are his brief responses:

When to “go na” after your dream (any dream!): “Finish schooling first.”

How to know if the college course of your choice is a “go na”: “A lot of young people, including you, when you graduate, you don’t really know yet what you want in life. So I think when you’re really sure na gustong gusto mo talaga ito, then that’s the time you go for your dream.”

What we need to push ourselves to “go na” for that dream job: “Maturity and experience. Be sure on what you want.”

TG’s tip after work (our personal favorite, actually): “After work, if you can afford it, go see the world. Travel for a year or two. If you cannot, go see the Philippines. Travel wakes up your mind. It stimulates you for what is possible and can be done.”

When to “go na” and leave your job: “When you don’t find meaning in it anymore…  That’s the time to go.”

On choosing who to give our “go na” this election (especially for first-time voters): Look for candidates with “capability, integrity, experience.”

When to say “go na” or “yes” to a suitor – for girls: “Follow your heart.”

When to say “go na” and court that girl – for guys: “If it’s just a first time boyfriend/girlfriend, well, I guess it’s just a light requirement. Companionship muna.”

When to say “go na” and leave a relationship: “Emotionally, when it’s not working anymore.”

Did TG “go na” and followed the famed love-at-first-sight approach? NO. “There is attraction, and then it matures into love.”

When did he “go na” after her now-wife? He graduated first, they took the bar examinations, and that was the right time. As he advised earlier, education first!

What traits in her made him “go na” and say she was really “the one”: “Very caring, and very supportive especially in times of crisis.”

Senator Guingona is currently the chairperson of the Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers & Investigations (also known as Blue Ribbon Committee), and the Oversight Committee on Anti-Money Laundering. He is running once again for the Senate in the upcoming May 9 polls.

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