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Calling all food lovers, foodies, food critiques, and everyone who just loves tasty creations in the Metro! Our favorite gastropub at the business district of the city has just introduced five new dishes that are set to make us wanting for more. Forget about your diet once in a while. Life is too good pass up that delectable dish at Draft Gastropub.

Chicken Pie

chicken pie (Custom)

Draft calls this a “happy pile of deliciousness” as it’s just what it is – a happy pile of chicken, mushroom, and double-smoked bacon fillet, served with mashed potatoes, mashed peas, and gravy… Tiger style! Sounds wild, right? Well, it’s about to give your tastebuds a wild ride.

Meat Pie

meat pie (Custom)

If you’re into beefy delights, try their Meat Pie filled with beef and pepper. It’s almost similar with the Chicken Pie but only meatier. Again, this will be served Tiger style so it’s best to pair it with cold brews.

Triple Threat Sandwich


If you’re in for something meatier and beefier, try out roast beef… times three! It’s triple the threat with a Triple Threat Sandwich that brims with juiciness and generous slices of roast beef and meat, and meat, and more meat! Expect to see Hungaria sausages and slow barbecued pulled pork in your plate, topped with caramelized onions, coleslaw, and fries. Triple the yummy goodness for a big appetite.


STRACCI (Custom)

Of course, Draft didn’t forget the pasta lovers. For those who fancy the less meaty dishes, Stracci is there with its combination of Shrimps, fresh chorizo, chili, and homemade spent grain stracci pasta tossed in butter, parmesan, and herbs. Sounds healthy (but not too much).


BEIGNET (Custom)

Sweet tooth troubles? A Beignet cooked twice and tossed in confectioner’s sugar is up for grabs for all the dessert lovers. This will be served with a warm dark chocolate sauce for an extra ooze of sugary goodness.

These quarterly specials were put together by Draft’s executive chef Carlo Miguel, putting into consideration each dish’s yummy compatibility with their premium quality European draft beers, fresh brews, and imported booze that we millennials just love to indulge on during Friday night chill sessions with friends.


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