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Prepare to crack your piggy banks and compromise your lunch money because it’s time to give your book shelf some pampering with new novels. Here are five books that are worthy of that special space in the shelf:

The Universe of Us

1. The Universe of Us

After Love & Misadventures, and Lullabies comes this 3rd book from best-selling author Lang Leav. Coming this October, The Universe of Us encompasses all the wonders of the universe while taking into account the feeling of love and loss, hope and hurt, of being lost and then found.

Spare and Found Parts

2. Spare and Found Parts

This book, coming out on October, is written by copywriter-turned-author Sarah Maria Griffin. The story revolves around Nell Crane and her world–a city devastated by an epidemic. Nell’s father is a renowned scientist who developed biomechanical limbs which everyone in their city uses except Nell whose mechanical piece is not her limb but her heart which ticks like a clock or a bomb. Everybody is expecting Nell to have the same revolutionary ideas as her father and that’s what Nell fears…until she found a mannequin’s hand on a beach which gave her an idea. If her father can build parts, why can’t she build a whole?

The Odds of Lightning

3. The Odds of the Lightning

This September, prepare for a daring ride. This book tackles the adventure of Tiny, Nathaniel, Lu, and Will, four teens who used to be best friends in their younger years. But differences in personalities tore that friendship apart. One night, after three long years in the midst of a thunderstorm that threatened to shut down New York City, fate allowed them to meet again and embark on a night packed with adventures. An epic road trip gave them the chance to reach out for their dreams, reconcile their pasts, fall in and out of love, and overcome their fears. As the moon gave way to the sun, they discover that there is a “fine line between science and magic, and that the mysteries of love and friendship can’t be explained.”



4. Gemini

Gemini, the horoscope sign, is closely associated with twins; and that is what the debut novel of Sonya Mukherjee is all about: the lives of 17-year old conjoined twins Clara and Hailey. Despite being bonded together, the twins have differing perspectives, and thus have differing choices. Clara is shy and reserved while Hailey is the adventurous one. As high school graduation draws near, each twin has her own dream-driven decision and compels them to think about “untangling” themselves from the other.

Girl Against the Universe

5. Girl Against the Universe

On May 17, Maguire, the protagonist of the book crafted by Paula Stokes, will prove to you that there’s more to bad luck than you know. Maguire is fond of buying lucky charms and performing good luck rituals with the hope of preventing bad luck from happening. But the thing is, the girls is just a magnet to bad luck. She can’t help but cause bad luck everywhere she goes and to people. This is the reason why Maguire chose to lock herself inside her room, away from people, to preempt any further damage. But she met Jordy, a tennis star, whose personality is opposite with that of Maguire. Jordy believes he can change her but Maguire, on the other hand, believes that things would be better if she stays away from her newfound friend. A battle between her heart and her mind ensues.

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