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Congratulations for having the guts to get up and research about improving yourself.

This is a good step; a huge one, in fact. Know that you are on the right track for you have accepted and acknowledged the reality that you have to and you want to step up your game.  Just keep that fire within you burning and before you know it, you’re on to greater things.

At the end of the day, you’re exhausted and all you want is to sleep. But no, for some messed up reasons, you can’t.  Now, here comes the down slope; you complain, you procrastinate, you cry and then you give up.

It’s okay. Yes, we are all actors and actresses in this story called life. Yes, we all deal with all sorts of obstacles.  But that’s the thing. It happens to all of us. At one point, it’s fine to just plop down your bed and let everything sink in. The truth is, we can’t be strong all the time. We can never be. You can have your time – a moment, maybe. But you can’t have all the time in the world to think about how miserable you’ve been.

You must ignite a light flickering moment. And guess what? Through having the initiative to look for articles such as this, you just did!

1. Contemplate

 The thing is: You have been over thinking or neglecting what really matters and it now came to a point where you lost track.

You have to lay the situation in front of you. Remember the true essence and the importance of learning.How much do you want this? Why do you want to succeed? The foundation of your change must be solid. Commit to the change you are aiming.  The reason why you want to change and why you want to excel in school is because you want to unleash the 2.0 version of yourself –better, bolder and stronger.

Why not: Think of all the negativities of the past and look at it from another perspective. What did you learn? How will you use it now? Don’t be afraid to look back. The pain from the past is what will mold the new and improved you.


2. Change your philosophy

The thing is: You’ve been eyeing the wrong target so you always restart and end up achieving nothing.

There is a fine line between: “I want to get good grades” and “I need to educate myself.” Once you get that eagerness to learn and once you get a good grip about really wanting to be educated, all else will follow.

Although grades play a huge role in school, there is more to learning than rankings. People often think that education can only come within the four-corners of the classroom. But no, education and learning can take place any time and anywhere at any form.

Why not: Move forward if you’re not the best; do not be discouraged about it. Every individual defines what is “best” differently. You can surely be “best” at something else and you are yet to discover what it is. Keep going!

3. Set your goals 

The thing is “goals” aren’t just graphics or texts we post or share on social media.The ‘goals’ we are talking about are the real ones, the do-able ones.  Although we are allowed to make dreamy goals every once in a while, try to focus on the more realistic ones.

Why not make different kinds of goals and place it on a spot you often look at (e.g. cork board, vanity mirror, refrigerator) so you can be reminded often? Set short-term goals and immediate goals. These two work hand in hand. How? If your immediate goal is to travel the world, you must first have the money, energy and time to do it. Your short-term goals, such as to exercise daily, to eat properly and to be responsible a student, will complement your immediate goals.


4. Remove procrastination from your vocabulary

 The thing is: Don’t just remove it from your vocabulary; remove it from your system. Procrastination is a huge disaster on pause. It takes away time, which we can never bring back. It destroys opportunities. It hinders us from achieving our goals. It leads us to making rushed decisions. (This list can go on.)

 Why not:Do it! Do it now. Do it while you can. Go!

The advantage of doing tasks the day it was given is that you have ample time and will to work on any project. Your mind is not cluttered nor rushed so the output will surely become successful. Ditching procrastination will definitely make you more productive!

(Disney's 'Mulan')
(Disney’s ‘Mulan’)

5. Ask away

The thing is: You are afraid to look and sound dumb so you choose to stay mum. More often than not, you choose to pretend that you know what’s going on with the hopes of being saved from shame. But that doesn’t save you from being ignorant –it cages you.

Why notIgnore what others think of you. Learning comes first, while their thoughts don’t even come second.

In class, no question is too stupid. If there is something you did not understand or if there is something which confuses you, don’t refuse to raise your hand and nicely ask your professor about your query. If you have a spare time, check your professor’s advising schedule, where they are tasked to attend to students’ concerns.

After all has been said, it’s time for you to pick up your feet. Push the curtain to the sides, open the windows and breathe in the change that is coming your way! (MICHAELA TANGAN)

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