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Everybody knows that college is the last phase before stepping in to the real world. It may seem hard to get through all those sleepless nights and unreasonable professors, but nothing beats having to pay your own bills and living home away from home.

By now, college may have already taught you that you can’t really trust anyone, and that you can only rely on a select few. College is different from high school. College teaches you to be independent.

College teaches you to be strong. It teaches you to fight through those failing red marks and endure those lengthy class discussions that nobody gets to keep up with anymore. It teaches you to hold your ground, even when the people you most depend on are the same people who let you down.

College teaches you to keep your head above water even though you have been drowning in the depths of your worries and fears thinking nobody can see past your final grade on the card you most dreaded to see.

College is a time of learning. Learning not only what’s written on the textbooks but what actually goes on outside the four corners of the classroom. All those times you’ve felt like you couldn’t take another blow when you’ve pulled yourself together, is what it’s REALLY all about.

So how can you enjoy it? I say treasure it. Treasure all these moments and find some time to spend with the person who’s going to be with you through it all – yourself.

Go read a book. Pick something that catches your eye at the library or visit the book sale and choose a book that you know nothing about but have always wanted to.

Find a hobby. Whether it be sewing or tennis; finishing crosswords or dancing; make your time worth-while. Find a release.

Explore. Be a tourist in your own country. Visit museums by yourself, book dinner reservations for one, and appreciate the wonders of the buzzing world around you.

Lastly, figure out a way to cope. College is going to be a roller-coaster ride but you can make it one heck of a ride if you savor each moment and make the most out of them.

You may be thinking that college is not the best thing that’s happening right now; and let me tell you, nothing is going to be like it. But I do know is that it’s all going to be worth it.

Because at the end of the day, nothing could have prepared you better for a long day of work at the office than those unbearable class discussions you sat through. Nothing could have prepared you better for the amount of work your boss gives you than your unreasonable professor who you now realize was reasonable after all. Nothing could have prepared you better for that wonderful feeling of getting your first paycheck, than receiving that diploma you’ve worked hard to achieve.

The point is, it’s all going to be worth it. Even if it seems like it’s not. There are a more things in life that are much worse than going to school.

Just keep in mind that there are always bigger things that are coming your way and we just have to be ready for it. We have to learn to take things one step at a time.

College is just one of those steps in a high flight of stairs waiting to be climbed. One day you’re going to get where you’re headed and you’ll be able to look back and see what you’ve accomplished.

So don’t lose hope. College is just one thing in the middle of a whole lot of other things you’re going to encounter in life. All you have to do is believe you can, and you will.

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