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Congratulations! After all those sleepless nights reviewing, memorizing, and panicking (wash, rinse, repeat!) to ace the boards, finally the day has come where true freedom starts! Yes indeed, now that exams are over, you seriously need a break from everything. Do these 5 things:

1. Finally, get some some decent sleep
After burning the midnight oil, getting decent sleep (more than 8 hours!) is now possible. And wake up without having to panic.

2. Binge watch your favorite films and series
Since studies has been your ultimate priority for the past week, now is the perfect time to do some serious catching up. Mr. Robot! Suits! Narcos! Stranger Things! Come to my arms!

3. Go out with friends… at last
After turning down tons of invites to hang out, you can now finally say “Yes” to them. No more “pass muna ako”, “next time bawi ako” it’s time for you to get up and spend time with your friends, because they’ve been patiently waiting for you.

4. Do things you’ve always wanted to do
Be it learning a new skill or planning a vacation trip, now is the perfect time to give yourself some me-time from all those stress, because you actually deserve it!

5. Worry a little, but not too much
Last but definitely not the least, waiting for exam results is the hardest part. Being nervous and excited at the same time is just normal; yes you can worry a little but don’t put all your time and effort in there. Always remember whatever the results may be, keep looking on the positive side of life.

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